The Original LZW31 3-Way Help

Model: lzw31-sn
Setup: 3way
Neutral: Yes

I wired it to match the diagram (I think), It worked, connected to ST, all is good. After an hour I went to check it again and nothing. Lights didnt work, not responsive on ST app, and no LED color on switch. I pushed all the buttons, reset the breaker but nothing brought it back.

A friend said to try swapping the black wires (Line/Load). I tried this and the switch LED turned on, ST app able to control switch LED, but lights dont work.

When I set AC Power Type: Neutral and Switch Type: 3-Way Toggle there is a clicking noise coming from the switch. When I change it to AC Power Type: Non Neutral and Switch Type: 3-Way Momentary there isnt any clicking. Both still have no lights turning on.

Any other info I could provide to help get a solution?

Hey good morning!

Question for you around this part:

If you flip the dumb switch, does the load (your light) work from the smart switch?

Also, did you by chance replace an older Zooz or Inovelli switch with this one?

Hang in there, we’ll figure it out!

I flipped the dumb switch but still no lights. When I switch the AC Power Type and Switch Type, the clicking went away.

Ok, sounds like a defective switch if the load never comes on and you’re positive the wiring is correct.

Can you answer this question for me?

Shoot me a PM with your order number and we’ll get you an RMA to replace it. Sorry about that!

I did not replace a Zooz or Inovelli switch, there is however a dummy switch connected to a Inovelli switch in the box if that matters

This was actually a replacement for another defective switch. The first was actually defective as I replaced it with a spare and it worked. My gut tells me this one is not defective (I have installed over 20 inovelli switches), let me play with it a little more before you requesting a replacement. Would pictures of the wiring help?

Does it matter which side is the dummy and which is the Inovelli? Would swapping them help?

Confirming it is the switch. My order number is 0107.

Ah bummer, I missed this thread – we’ll look up the order and send an RMA to you tomorrow.

@Courtney_Inovelli – can you help get @room7 taken care of when you get a second tomorrow?

Just sent you an RMA to get the switch back from you! I’ll get a new one out.

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