Thought Everyone Would Find This Interesting!

Super random, but in my, “downtime”, I’ve been tasked with revamping the website, which led me down a rabbit-hole of nostalgia.

Side Note: I will be releasing the first draft of the website likely next week for you all to review. I’d love feedback!

Not sure if everyone knows, but the origin of Inovelli stemmed from an MBA project I was working on back in 2016 and the general topic was to take an existing company and put together a marketing strategy for them.

Well, at the time I was just getting into home automation and wrote about Wink (RIP) and found it on my hard-drive.

For anyone looking for a chuckle, here’s the PDF.

What’s hilarious is that I actually reached out to the marketing person at the time just to share my ideas… she ignored me. Should’ve listened lol jk.

MBA Project - Wink.pdf (4.0 MB)