Transition time is ignored in Home Assistant (ZHA) when specifying brightness/brightness_pct? Blue Series

With a blue series switch connected to a fixture with dimmable bulbs:

Turning the light on/off using the switch, or the entity in HA transitions over time, and seems to respect the “transition” time specified in the service call to the light.turn_on service.

If you specify a brightness or brightness_pct it appears the transition specified in the call to the light.turn_on service is ignored, as is the ZHA wide transition time in the ZHA configuration. Changing the remote dimming speed(s) seems to have no effect either.

In both scenarios the light.turn_off service dims at either the default ZHA transition time or the specified transition time, which I guess makes sense since you’re not specifying a brightness with off.

Am I missing something? Is the switch ignoring the transition time, or is HA failing to send it when specifying brightness?

I’ve had issues with the transition as well with the Blues. Testing things out a bit more this evening, it looks like if you turn the light on first to say 1% and THEN do a second call to 100% with a transition it respects the transition. Basically the light seems to turn on first to whatever brightness it was when turned off and then transition from there.