Turn off z-wave repeating?

Is there a way to turn off the z-wave repeating feature of a LZW30 (Black on/off)? I have one in the far corner of my basement that is inexplicably getting much of my z-wave traffic routed through it.

Is there any way to turn the z-wave repeating feature of the switch off, so that my other devices may find a more direct route to my Hubitat?

I was also thinking that turning off repeating on other switches might cut down on interference/noise in multi-gang boxes that have multiple switches within inches of each other.

No, this is only under the control of the device firmware, and I think Z-Wave certification requires all mains-powered devices to act as repeaters (and, at the least, I’m not aware of any that aren’t). If you aren’t actually having problems, I’d leave things alone; Z-Wave sometimes seems to work in mysterious ways. :slight_smile: If you are having problems, either a Z-Wave repair (preferably a node-specific Z-Wave repair or few rather than a network-wide repair) or adding another repeater in a good spot, perhaps close to the hub or the other devices, may help.

It may also be worth making sure your Hubitat Z-Wave radio firmware is up to date (requires 2.3.1 or later, but I’d go with 2.3.2 now since it has additional improvements) if you haven’t already: C7 2.3.1 and Z-Wave Firmware 7.17.1 - News and Updates - Hubitat

Right on. Thanks for the reply. We’ll see how it goes I guess. Its not actually a problem till its actually a problem.

It just seemed less than optimal. There’s another Red Dimmer within 15ft line of sight, yet it chose to route through a switch that is 2 floors below. :man_shrugging:

Be patient with ZW routing on Hubitat – I’ve learned that trying to chase/force/repair or otherwise shape it is a sure-fire descent into madness lol… Place good routers in good places, make sure you have the latest ZW SDK installed on HE itself (that was made available as a hub update earlier this year), and make sure your indiv devices have whatever latest FW is available. Then just give it time to settle in – it may take days or weeks, but it should settle into a good (and mostly sensible!) mesh eventually on its own.

I put in 4 Aeotec RE7s a long time ago… They went unused in my mesh for over a year, and then they all suddenly started picking stuff up out of nowhere-- the timing wasn’t commensurate with a specific FW update (AFAICT), but who knows. One day, they all just kicked in.

Bottom line – once you have solid repeaters located in good places, be patient and resist the urge to meddle or influence.