Update dimmer to behave like on/off switch

I’m gearing up to install my first Inovelli red series dimmers and looking for confirmation on updatong to behave like a traditional on/off switch (instant on/off).

Is it just a matter of updating the dimming speed and ramp rate settings to 0 (instant on)? Not sure if it matters, but I’ll be setting them up in 3 and 4-way configurations with other dumb switches.


Hey @timofcourse - welcome to the community! Glad to have you here :slight_smile:

You can certainly do this, however, please make sure to not put the dimmers on any inductive loads or outlets, even if you set it to mimic an on/off switch.

If it’s just that you want your lights to come on instantly, yes, you can set the ramp rate to 0.

Hope that helps!