Updated to 1.61 and now scenes don't work

Everything else is fine. I tried the suggestions of changing the delay back to 700 and toggling parameter 51 and 52 but none of them are working. What do I do?

Communication seems to only be one way now. Hubitat can still turn a light on or off or set the dim level, but hubitat no longer updates the devices status unless i press refresh. I just installed the latest driver, no help. This is bummer.

So it’s not just the reds, it’s the red dimmers and black dimmers. The blacks were updated to 1.57. All the switches are fine however. I can exclude, reset, and reinclude to fix them. Any better ideas before I spend all day resetting all these switches?

I can’t speak to the reds, but the black dimmers only had scene support for the 1.52 release due to space limitations. You’d need to downgrade the firmware to 1.52 for those.

Well this may turn into a blessing really. I’ve been running the entire network with S2 enabled so I think I’m going to use this as an excuse to repair everything without security. The couple I’ve done so far seem to report quite a bit faster.


Yeah it’s night and day without S2. As much as I love security and the technology behind S2, pairing non-secure has made my setup lightning fast – even being on a cloud based platform, it shares the same speeds as local.

Keep me posted on if you still have this issue.

I just updated to 1.61 on all my switches too and still have scene control, so there may be some weird issue going on with your switch or something and hopefully an exclusion/inclusion will fix it!

Just got done redoing them and all is well and so far seems faster. When I updated the firmware I jumped from the factory firmware straight to the latest. Should that be ok or do I need to do each update and step them up in the future?

Great question – you should be ok skipping firmware versions as long as you update the .bin file accordingly :slight_smile:

And toggle/confirm any customization parameters. Some get reset/changed and some don’t stick though firmware versions. Just a recommendation not a requirement I guess.

To add to this, some of the switches, I think they were all red dimmers completely locked up even from physical presses. I couldn’t even activate the 3 config button presses to exclude them. Had the default them, force remove from hubitat and reinclude em. All is fine now, but I wouldn’t want a go thru that again.

Figured I’d post an update. Since all the switches got updated and I removed security network wide my entire system has been pretty flawless.