Use Effect Type for Switch On State

Would it be possible to add an option to choose an LED Effect Type such as Chase, Pulse, etc. rather than only a solid color when just turning a Red Series Dimmer Switch On? I’m currently achieving this with the child notification enabled and having the Effect Type run indefinitely when on, but it seems like a lot of extra steps for something that could be a lot simpler. I’m using this for my bathroom Towel Warmers (just On/Off, no dimming) but I like the Chase effect in a dark Orange color to indicate the warmers are on. Thanks!

What hub/software are you using? It sounds like SmartThings or Hubitat. If your towel warmer is automated, you could create an automation that triggers on that turning on/off and turn on/off the appropriate pre-created child notification LED (which you could configure to be orange with the chase effect).

Regardless of hub, the LED bar that appears when you turn the switch on is controlled by the “regular” LED parameters, which allow adjusting color and level. (And on a similar note, the “off” LED has a parameter to configure its level; I’ve changed mine but think the default is 0, i.e., off. It takes the color from the “regular” LED parameter.) The notification LED is a separate parameter that can be set regardless of actual switch state, and allows configuration of color, level, effect, and duration. All three of these parameters are separately controllable; exactly how depends on your hub (and in the case of ST and Hubitat, which DTH/driver you are using).

I’m using SmartThings and like I said, I already have this working as I described with the child notification. I was looking for the ability to set that up directly without having to set up a separate notification for itself with the child device. It seems odd to have to create a notification on its own state. I would assume this would just require adding another parameter option in the firmware to enable effect type when the switch was on. That’s why I posted this in the Suggestions and Wishlist forum in the hopes that something simple like that could be added in the future. If this isn’t possible, at least I’ve got it working, I just prefer things to be neat and clean and as straightforward as possible. Thanks!