Using Inovelli on *load* side of 3-way with dumb switch

Hi everyone. Is there any way to use the Inovelli dimmer switch on the load side of a 3-way setup instead of the line side while still using a dumb switch as the other switch?

No, because it would remove power from the Inovelli when you switch the dumb switch to the other position. You can use an AUX switch though in this scenario.

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Got it. If it is a 4-way, does the 4-way and the line-side 3-way both have to be aux switches (if I want to place the Inovelli on the load side 3-way)?

Yes. For one, you can’t mix and match dumb and aux switches on a single circuit. It’s a either/or install. Aux switches aren’t typically cheap so you’ll need to consider the expense.

I’ve seen some Aux switches for about $13/ea online. Cheaper than another dimmer though.

Does the proposed line side 3/4 way get used? I. E. Does the switch not get used often and that’s why you’re wanting Inovelli at a better location? You could just bypass those switches and use blank cover.

The physical location of the load side is just more convenient, also more for the aesthetics.

I ended up swapping it to the line side to avoid spending extra on aux switches.

If you end up using GE aux switches (~$20) you can “move” the line to wherever you want; I just did this today in a 3-way circuit but would probably work on a 4-way too. Where the line comes in, use one of the two travelers to send power over the traveler. The GE aux switch only needs the traveler, neutral, and ground so you’d connect those. Then wherever you wanted the Inovelli switch, figure out which traveler you’ve converted to line and use it as the line and the other traveler as the traveler. Neutral and ground won’t change.