Using multi-tap in SmartThings

Is there a more efficient way to access the red series dimmer extra buttons (ie: 2push/held, 3push/held, etc) than via the Smart Lightning SmartApps that Samsung published ?

I can’t seems to access the extra features of the switch via the “Automation” section, neither can I use them as triggers in SharpTools. I might just not be looking at the correct place.

The SmartLightning Smartapp can only control light or switches. So, let’s say that I want to turn off my sonos on double tap down (so 2x held), I have to create a virtual lightswitch that turns off the Sonos, then use the smartlightning Smartapp to turn on that virtual switch when triggered.

What are you all using to access the red series dimmer’s extra buttons from SmartThings ?

I don’t see the button features in Automations either. I can see a button selection in Rule Engine, but it doesn’t prompt for buttons. @josh may be able to address that.

I use Smart Lighting for button support, but you can also use the ABC Manager which is a Button Manager. You can also use webCore. I just tried an automation with the ABC Manager and it works fine. I went part way into webCore, far enough to see that the buttons are exposed.

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Hi !

ABC is *** EXACTLY *** what I was looking for !

Thank you so much! :smile:

(Turns out that ABC is much more responsive than SmartThings Smart Lightning smartapp. )

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