Using Red Series On/Off Switch for switched outlet?

I searched the community regarding using the red series on/off for a switched outlet. I found a reply that Eric has done this successfully. I have Zooz products in my home and they only have 1 switch that is rated for a switched outlet. That is their combo fan/light switch. They state that their similar product as the on/off red series is not rated for that use. So, I’m not sure how Zooz rates their products vs Inovelli. I’m sure the Zooz product would work ok with a switched outlet and a lamp, but they aren’t rating it for that purpose. How does Inovelli rate their products for this use?

@Clemson_Grad - I use a Black Series to control my switch outlet. It controls my bedside lamp. I’m not worried about someone plugging a vacuum cleaner into it. The on/off switches are rated for 300W motoring loads, so I see no issue for a switched outlet for lamps or similar devices. Do not use a dimmer.

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