“we can’t load your screen” message for LZW31-SN

I’ve not been able to load the red series dimmer screen on the SmartThings classic app, and I’m receiving the standard “we can’t load your screen” message. The device, running Inovelli DTH, was showing up few days ago. The device is still working and can be controled through web core and its setting parameters are also accessible. Any idea what’s happening?

I have not seen that, but it makes you wonder if something got corrupted in the DH. Just a suggestion . . maybe try removing the DH and see if the page loads. If it does, reload the DH. I’m not sure if you could ever load the page, but be aware that there are separate handlers for the Black and the Red, so insure you are loading the proper one.

@Eric_Inovelli and @EricM_Inovelli any idea or recommendation on how to proceed?

As Bry recommended I can certainly pull the DTH out and reinstall (I have a fork to your GitHub)

For reference, I switched the dimmer to the generic Z-wave DTH, and deleted the inoveli one and was able to load it. I then re-installed the inovelli DTH, tried to load the switch again and received the same error message…

Tagging @anon14959390 as well as I have been in touch with him regarding another issue.

Weird, I haven’t seen this before – would you mind trying to re-install the DTH, then apply it in IDE?

Here’s the link for reference: LZW31-SN DTH

As indicated in my previous post, I switched the dimmer to the generic Z-wave DTH, and deleted the inoveli one and I was able to load the switch screen. I then re-installed the inovelli DTH through a direct GitHub connection, tried to load the switch again and received the same error message. For good measure, I tried again creating the DTH from code using your link with the same result. What’s going on?

Ok my bad - I was just making sure you had the right one and even though you’re pulling from the github, I just wanted to make sure you had access to the RAW code.

I will try loading the latest device handler code in when I get to work and see if I have the same issue. I have about 20 dimmers at my house on ST and haven’t had this issue, so I’m honestly not sure why it’s happening to you.

Does it work in the new app?

It loads in the new app but give me a network error when I try to change any parameters. I’d appreciate some feedback on resolving this issue. As I indicated, I’ve been in touch with @anon14959390 regarding issue configuring the switch in a three way setup, where the 3-way aux switch would consistently turn the lights off, but will only work few times turning the light on, usually after a power cycle or setting change. Could I have a bad switch??

Happy to send you a new switch to see if it makes a difference. Curious, have you reached out to SmartThings support on this matter?

I did not reach to ST, I actually never reached to ST. I actually would prefer to try a new switch as I still have the 3-way aux issue. @anon14959390 should have my contact info. Thanks.

@jody, @prjct92eh2 – have you guys heard of this error?

I don’t use the Classic app anymore, so haven’t seen anything like this.

Although it loads in the new app, moving any control trigger a network error…

Are there any errors in the log when the error occurs in the app? It sounds like there might be a null value stored somewhere that is making the device handler choke when you try to load it. Can you post a screenshot of the preferences from the IDE and ‘states’?

Here you go!