What could go wrong?

I was hoping to use the blue 2-1 to control the lights in my garage. Seems simple enough. But the lights plug into an outlet that is “solely” used for lighting. What happens of someone mistakenly plugs a device into the outlet and draws 5amps? 10am-a? 15amps?

Will i fry the switch?
Will i cause a fire in the wallswitch box?


Most likely scenario, you fry the switch or the lights.
Worst case scenario, if you do have a fire, you’ve used a switch that is not rated for plugs and your insurance company denies your claim and you’ve just lost absolutely everything. It’s just not worth the risk, especially when there are other ways.

You could re-wire that plug so it’s always hot, just like a normal plug. You can then get a zigbee plug that’s rated high enough to run your lights (they make heavy duty plugs as well so you should be able to find one no problem). Then you simply bind the blue series switch to the zigbee plug. That will give you your blue series switch with the same functionality you have now, but you’ve done it safely and to code.

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Are the lights and outlets mounted into the ceiling? The risk becomes less of so as not too many people will grab a ladder to plug in a table saw in the ceiling.

You could always remove the outlet and wire the lights directly to the wires from the switch.