What did I mess up? Red Dimmer set for smart bulbs, 1-tap up command super slow now

I have had the LZW31-SN installed for a couple months now, working great. I have it wired to some can lights above my fireplace, the switch is set with the relay disabled with smart bulbs in the cans. Using rule machine in Hubitat I have it set so pressing the button once UP would turn on the lights, and once DOWN would turn them off. I also have another scene in the room controlled by the switch (DOUBLE UP is ON and DOUBLE DOWN is OFF for that scene). Everything worked fine until today. I did do a firmware update a couple days ago using the Hubitat firmware updater driver (the new one able to update both 0 and 1 slots), but I think I used the switch since then and it worked fine although I’m not 100% sure I used it since the update.

Here is what is happening now: I click the button UP once and it takes a good 8 - 10 second for the lights to turn on. Click it DOWN once and same thing. If I use the DOUBLE PRESS UP for the scene, that turns on immediately. Same as DOUBLE DOWN. If I check the live logs in Hubitat, the switch doesn’t send any commands to the hub for the ONE press UP or DOWN for about 8 - 10 seconds. The DOUBLE UP or DOWN is send right away. What did I mess up?

Check your dimming speeds and ramp rates. Parameters 1-4.

Are you using zwave association and if so, are you using Group 2 or 3?

Let me clarify my setup. The switch is set to smart bulb mode at 100% and I have disabled the switch locally. Both ONE press UP and TWO presses UP run two different scenes in Hubitat. The ONE press UP takes 7 - 8 seconds to be seen by Hubitat, the TWO presses UP gets captured and ran right away. As of a few days ago it worked fine and ONE press UP would activate right away.

I excluded the switch and factory reset it. Added it back in and everything works fine again.

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