What kind of 3way for a Dimmer? LZW30 to 31 swap

So I have a LZW30-SN in a 3way setup and they work fine. I used the swtch that came with the house. All is good, on and offs work great on both sides.

Now, I decided a few of them I want to do dimmers instead and move the on/off switches to another location.

I “Thought” just swapping the wires and positions from the 30, would work the same on the 31 dimmer, but it seems in one position, the bar lights up, but the lights… not so much.

Now, I read perhaps I need a dummy switch to replace the house installed switch? Am I correct on this? if so, what is a dummy switch, where do I get one? Is this something I get at a hardware store, or something that Inovelli sells?
thank you

@eatonjb - Make sure you setup the parameters for 3 way toggle. Most home switches are dumb switches so shouldn’t need to replace any.

Where mine says momentary, select toggle for dumb switches.

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Ahh… ok. … So I can change this in my Hubitat setting and it should work after that… Ok, I will install the switch again, and check the settings in the unit.

I never even got to pairing up the switch yet. I’ll give it a try.

Yes, much easier to do through habitat vs config button.

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AWESOME! that did it! thank you for the help… Works great!