Where to buy in Canada

I’m sure this has been asked several times but I could not find anything recent from this year.
I’m looking to know where I can buy Red or Black series switches in Canada. I’ve purchased them previously from Amazon.ca and I saw Aartech was selling them, but I am not able to find anyone in Canada that has stock or is selling them.
Anyone know where I can get a few relatively quickly?


At this point, for the Reds/Blacks, I’d explore private sales. No one has stock. You can check the WTB section. Additionally, @Rxich has/had some for sale. Also @M0053KNUCKLE was looking to sell 19:


Still have about 12 left lol. Thanks for the mention

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Morning…. I’m in the US and interested in 2 of your Red Series if you still have any left. Are these new or used?