White Series as blank

I originally ordered Aux switches for my 3 way circuits. I changed tracks and decided to use 2 smart switches on all my 3 ways.

There was a switch in my house in a 4-gang that I never could figure out what it goes to. When I started working up the Blues I figured out it was originally a 3-way between the entryway and living room. The switches are only about 8 feet apart, so at some point the previous owners added can lighting and when they did they bypassed the switch to eliminate control from the entry.

So I have an unused blank. For now, I took apart the Aux and used just the face plate to free up some space in the box.

Any good suggestions for something else I can put in its place until the scene controller finally gets made?

ENERLITES Blank Adapter Insert for Decorator Wall Plates, Unbreakable Polycarbonate Thermoplastic, UL Listed, 6001-W, White: Amazon.com: Tools & Home Improvement

Or you can get one at most any hardware store.

While you’re at it, it’s a little OCD (or maybe a lot) but straighten out those screws :grimacing:

I just ordered a claro 4-gang from Amazon. They weren’t in stock at Home Depot when I got the rest of them.

For a couple of my spots where I’m not sure what the light switch controlled, I dropped this in there:


I have one of them in my powder room (acts as a night light) and another in the mudroom. For areas that I have a blank spot I used either a blank plate or used an extra blue series with no load connected and act as a scene controller.

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Put another blue in there and create a virtual 3way using binding. You can make it control literally any light in the house this way. I’ve got a couple spots like this where I’ve done just that.

I thought about it, but my house has 3-ways everywhere already (2 of those 3 switches are three-ways) and there really isn’t any obvious location that needs one (the one that was there earlier was unneeded.) What I could really use here is a multi-button scene controller.