White Series Config Button with Red Series Dimmer


Just got my order of white series and was looking through the manual where it stated that th config button on the aux switch can be programmed with a blue series device. What about red series? Am I sol in not being able to use the aux config button?

Correct. Button presses (to include config) on the Aux switch is not recognized on the Reds or Black series switches. The manufacturer was not able to implement the feature due to not enough free space.

Ok thanks. I may have jumped the gun then. Shoot. Wonder why the Blue series works and Red doesn’t?

I’m not sure the actual reason other than the Blues were spec’d originally with the function to recognize button taps via Aux switch during the PRD. The Blue manufacturer was able to make it work and the Red manufacturer wasn’t able to implement it due to limited memory space and/or circuitry required to recognize the button taps.


To be clear…

The 500-series (gen2) Red and Black do not. BUT the 800-series (gen3) Reds should have it


Dang it. Correct. L-Red will not. V-Red will. Should’ve picked a new color.

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Sorry what is L red and V red?

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L-Red = LZWxx devices a.k.a. “gen2” made with 500-series zwave chips
V-Red = VZWxx devices a.k.a. “gen3” made with 800-series zwave chips