Why do two switches act differently with the same basic rule?

I have two LZW31-SN dimmers. I created a rule for both of them to turn on and off other switches with two pushes (up) and two helds (down). One works fine the other not at all. How do I figure out why? The one that doesn’t works ok from the devices list when I switch it on and off. Interesting thing is that in the Z-wave details list one is type 1 and the other 3. I couldn’t find any documentation telling what the Device type means.

Is this defined somewhere?

The rules are the same, but none of the same switches are used.
The devices look the same:

Not sure why the new forms don’t have a box for all the switches. Is this an issue? using the latest driver from the inovelli site.

The office doesn’t work, the master bedroom does. Is the LED child a problem? How to remove?


missing a picture:

According to the image in your second post, the office switch is an LZW31 … not a 31-sn. That would make it a black series switch, and not capable of the multi tap scene logic your trying to create.

If it really is a red series switch, maybe it’s running the wrong device handler?

Looking closer, the handler appears correct for a -sn, but the device name is what hints otherwise. Are you positive that it is a Red series switch?

If so, there is a setting that can disable the scene support … make sure that “Disable physical on/off delay” is not enabled in the switch settings.

Thanks Kitt001! My electrician replaced my red with a black after he broke one. I didn’t make the connection. Thanks for pointing it out. Makes sense.