Why does the main Inovelli web site think I'm in Canada?

Am I the only person being geo-tagged as being in Canada on the main Inovelli web site?

Did the forum post that I made the other day with all of the measurements in metric somehow trigger the Inovelli mothership into thinking that I’m in Canada?

Don’t get me wrong, Canada is a fine place. I’ve been there at least 60 times, know most of the words to “O Canada,” could play a pretty mean hockey game back in my younger days, and even wished someone from Toronto a happy Canada Day last week. I don’t live in Canada though (and never even eaten at Tim Hortons or shopped at Canadian Tire), which is why I’m baffled about that icon…

You’re not alone.

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Lol sorry, I couldn’t update this quick enough. We are going to launch a Canadian website: inovelli.ca to better serve our Canadian friends.

The coder screwed that up and then of course went to bed for the night, so it was up all day. It should be fixed shortly.

Sorry about that. Or should I say, “sawry”.

I was wondering how long it would take for you to notice!


No problem, as long as it didn’t send my order last night to Yellow Knife, NWT and not NY State!

Damn it, made me look at inovelli.ca. Love the new flash sales. Here go my wallet.

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LOL – well played sir! I freaked out and thought inovelli.ca was live and almost had a heart attack.