Wiki - Feedback Thread (High Level)

Hey all – wanted to solicit some feedback around the wiki we’re building.

The purpose is to have the most up-to-date articles so that people can reference them as needed, which will hopefully cut down on new threads and/or support tickets. The industry is ever changing and it’s hard to keep up with all the updates to the hub/gateways and platforms out there that oftentimes our support articles become outdated quickly, which leads to confusion.

So, with the communities help (you guys are awesome), we’d love to build a community wiki to benefit everyone.

We also intend on using this as a spot for housing how-to’s and we fully expect the Wiki to grow exponentially large.

In regards to the Knowledge Base listed over on, we still plan on keeping that as there are people who go there before the community to submit tickets and also search, but we will likely put a blurb at the top redirecting them to the Community Wiki for the most up to date articles.

Execution of the Wiki
Ok, so how should we build this? What are the rules? This is where I’d love some feedback.

My thought process is follows in terms of how we’ll attack this project from a high-level standpoint:

  • Inovelli will start by creating templates (ie: product pages, setup instructions, manuals, etc)
  • Inovelli will start a thread (separate from this one) that will be a centralized location for Wiki topics the community would like to see written
  • Inovelli will start another thread that will be a centralized location to where requested edits need to be made to existing articles
  • Certain community members will be granted access to edit these articles
    • I think we can either setup a group that we manually pick or we can make it automatic to when you reach a certain trust level, you automatically can edit the Wiki
  • We’re debating internally to offer Rewards Points for helping – the general consensus is that it’s a great idea, we’re just not sure how to pull it off and what would count, etc.
    • We’re open to other ideas too as we do want to reward people for helping us as I know you all have lives outside of the Inovelli Community lol

Here are my specific questions that I’d love feedback on:

  • Does the overall flow listed above make sense?
  • Would it make sense to have a separate, “team” of people who can edit the Wiki and not make it open to everyone? Furthermore, can people volunteer and what (if any) should be the vetting process (or just monitor the articles to see if there’s any bad apples)?
  • How do we keep articles consistent? Would people be ok with starting an article and then having Inovelli (or another member) edit it for consistency?
  • Random question – but from what tone of voice do you prefer this to be written (first person, third person // corporate, non-corporate)
  • Any other thoughts/suggestions?

I’ll start a separate thread where we can discuss how we’d like to lay out individual pages.

Thanks all – I’m really looking forward to creating this as I think it will be extremely helpful to not only everyone that comes here, but to us as a staff because it will allow us to not have to keep up with all the intricate changes so we can focus in other areas (ie: creating videos, selling, marketing, firmware updates, etc).

Other Feedback
If you have some time, we’d love some feedback on specific pages:

I think a Wiki is a great idea, I’d prefer to see a single Wiki per product with links at the top to sections for specific hubs. I’d like to see it start out at least with automatic editing rights when users reach a certain trust level. I personally don’t think rewards are necessary as I know I tend to come here as a way of relaxing after work to see what’s new or if there is something being asked that I’ve had to work through already where I might be able to help out.


For what my two cents is worth here, as I’m probably stating the obvious. I like the idea, but the key is really going to be keeping it clean, thinning out of out of date or superfluous information, etc… Otherwise it could very quickly become “just another thread”. The community forums are awesome here, but sorting through stale information is a challenge - be it for older firmware, different hub firmware, etc. As we’ve communicated on in threads before, even the knowledge base articles seem hard to keep up with. (Specifically firmware update instructions for hex files, binary files, gbz files etc…). I love your stuff and love the community, but definitely in need of that “single authoritative source” of tech info… Maybe this can be that if managed carefully!

Agree 100% - the goal of this is to be that centralized location and it’s nice bc it’ll be easier for everyone to flag something if it gets outdated.