Wiki - Feedback Thread (Product Pages)

This thread will discuss how, as a community, we’d like our product pages to be structured.

I’ve started a page for the Red Series Dimmer here: Wiki | Red Series Dimmer Switch

The purpose of the product page is to be a centralized location to do research on the product. It’s not meant to be a spot for setup instructions, but more of a spot to understand the history of the product, features/specs, firmware change-logs, etc. In other words, it’s a page meant for learning, not application.

Lastly, in addition to it being informative, I’d also love it to leave the reader with a, “dang, this is a cool product and I understand how this came to life” – in other words, geeking out over it and learning some Easter Eggs (or cool facts) along the way.

Here are some examples from Wikipedia that may help with inspiration:

Thoughts on Layout
In reviewing the Wikipedia articles around various products, here’s a rough draft on where my head is at – I’d love any feedback.

  • Overview
    • Gives a high-level overview of the product – in other words a quick summary
  • About (split out generations if need be)
    • Gives quick info about the product (ie: make/model, picture of the product, etc)
    • History of the product (ie: what inspired development, why, stories of how it came to life, etc)
    • Features & Specs
      • Hardware – features & specs
      • Firmware info including parameter/association/command class info as well as change-logs
  • Hub Compatibility
    • Thinking about putting a table in here with hyperlinks to the following (these hyperlinks will live in the setup instruction wiki via anchors): Setup Instructions, Device Handler/Drivers, Config files – anything else that’s relevant?
      • Maybe list out features and show which hubs support what features? And/or show any known issues with features? A lot of work, but as a community maybe we can figure it out
    • Show hubs that are not compatible or limited
  • Known Issues & Limitations
    • List out hardware issues and link to threads – important thing here is to show how we’re (Inovelli) is taking action (or has already taken action) against fixing these
    • Thoughts about putting hub related issues here instead of in the hub compatibility section? Maybe we just put a hyperlink in the hub compatibility section that goes to this section with further explanation here.
    • Limitation examples would be: If using in a non-neutral setting, you’ll need a minimum 25W load // non-neutral also does not allow power monitoring, etc.


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Love the layout so far!

About section

  • show First Introduced and EOL’d or expected EOL’d dates.

Known issues section:

  • Yes! Hub-related issues should go here.
  • Additional items?
    • Add a prioritized list of what you expect to fix vs. what can’t be completed due to current HW/FW limitations.
      • Example: Z-Wave LR for series 500 devices has to wait for Gen 3 series 700 switches in 2021 (hint, hint) :wink:
  • And if you’re really gutsy, :wink: mention timelines.

Also, under navigation, and I’m not sure if Wikipedia can even do this, For longer sections, allow the ability to compress these areas. Much like you can do with MS OneNote. For me, even with a TOC, when I open one of these pages I feel slightly overwhelmed with TMI that’s in front of me. where if the sections are compressed into sections and subsections… I can quickly drill down to where I need to be. Recognizing that’s just my brain… :slight_smile:

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