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Will fan switch work with wireless fan?

Will the new fan switch work with a fan that has its own remote control?
Specifically this one:

I opened up the existing wall switch for the fan (it’s a proprietary remote-type Switch) only to find the red wire isn’t used at either the switch end or the fan end Only the black wire. Makes me suspicious this is going to work…hope there’s a way!

If you pull down the fan what does it look like in the canopy? Is there a remote module wired in there, that can be removed? If so the LZW36 will likely work as long as there is 120v and neutral at both ends.

Does this thread about another Craftmade fan help???

No, there’s nothing but wires going into the fan…

No, very different model (and year of manufacture) it seems

Take a picture of the switch pulled out from the wall and the canopy module wires coming from the fan.

If you have the following it SHOULD work:

  1. White/Black/Bare Copper going from the switch to the fan housing. Also known as 2/1 wire.
  2. White/Black(Red?)/Blue/Green or 4 wires coming out of the fan housing.

This would indicate you have a hot (black)/neutral (white)/ground (bare copper) from the switch to the fan, which is needed, and you have hot (black), switched light (blue), switched fan (black/red), neutral (white), and ground (green) from the fan.

There’s only black and white going into the fan housing. Guessing that means it isn’t going to work huh?

Hrm I see what you are saying, seems like you might have to go deeper inside the fan to see where the fan/light wires split off from the main power. Seems like the receiver remote would have a unit. Might require some more teardown. If you are comfortable with that, we can work with you to resolve here in the community.