Will the Blue or Red series 2-1 work with the Maxim Lighting CounterMax series?

I’m looking at purchasing LED Light Bars that will be hardwired and want to control them with my Inovelli switches. The top choice right now is the Maxim Lighting CounterMax 48" slim stick (CounterMax Slim Stick 48" LED Under Cabinet). It seems I would need to purchase the hardwire driver (CounterMax SS 96W Hardwire Driver - Under Cabinet Accessory - Maxim Lighting) and then the in-line dimmer (CounterMax SS 96W In Line Dimmer)…but it’s not clear to me if this would allow me to wire it like a “normal” light directly to the Inovelli and have it work properly. Can anyone help confirm this for me? I’ve also reached out to Maxim directly, but thought I’d check here as well while I wait.