Will the notification issue ever be fixed on the LZW31-SN?

I have never been able to get the notifications to work correctly. Smartthings will show that the notification is on, however the led on the switch will not reflect the notification consistently. It will also show up as off in Smartthings, but the LED notification will still be on. If I use the Smartthing app and manually turn it on an off it will work correctly. It does not work when using smart lighting. Any work arounds? I am on the most recent firmware and device handler, which appears to make the issue worse than before. I am spending way to much time on this switch.

Hey @bgratigny – sorry for the frustration and the time spent on trying to get it to work.

I guess we didn’t realize there was a problem? This is the first time I’ve heard of this issue in the 2+ years the switch has been launched, but that’s not to say something recently hasn’t changed as ST is going through a major overhaul with their platform.

Although it appears you’ve been having this problem for a while, so let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it.

If someone else doesn’t pop in between now and Monday, I’ll work on trying to replicate it in SmartThings as I have Hubitat at my house now and ST at the office.

Maybe @Courtney_Inovelli or @anon88759745 can play around with it at their houses over the weekend if they’re home as they use ST.

Again, sorry for the frustration – we’ll figure it out!

Try this.

Delete all of the child devices for the switch (all of them, yes), then go into the settings of the switch and toggle the child for notification off then back on. It should re-create the child device. You can do this for all of the children you want back.

Toggle it on and see if something pops up in the live logs or if the switch does it. Sometimes ST leaves children behind…

Also, make sure you are using the inovelli repository for drivers: GitHub - InovelliUSA/SmartThingsInovelli: Location for Inovelli SmartThings Device Handlers and SmartApps

Sounds like a one-off for the OP. I have two ST hubs running in two locations, both utilizing numerous notifications. I haven’t had a single issue.

In one location, I’m using Smart Lighting to trigger the notifications, so I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. But if it’s not, try setting the notifications using automations. It’s probably not a bad idea to start moving them now anyway, as Smart Lighting will be going away at the same time Groovy is deprecated.

I recently updated both switches to 1.61. I am going to start from scratch and reinstall the firmware. Should I use 1.57 instead since it is production?

That’s a toss-up. Most of the time the beta firmware becomes a production version. Or sometimes a number of betas get sent out without Inovelli promoting subordinate ones. If you feel more comfortable with 1.57 because it’s tagged as production, I think you’d be fine. But if you are comfortable that you’ve properly upgraded the firmware to 1.61, I’d leave it there and just factory reset to start from scratch. On the other hand, if you think something went sideways with your firmware flash, I would flash it again. Don’t forget to do both targets for the dimmers.

The dimmers I have notifications on are on 1.47, so I can’t speak one way or the other about newer firmware and how it relates to notifications.

Just wanted to add another datapoint here. I use notifications quite a bit and haven’t seen any issues. With that said, I dumped SmartThings a few years ago and run everything on Hubitat now. So if there is an issue then its more likely an issue with SmartThings than with the Inovelli switch or firmware.

I actually just had this problem, I relized it was a switch I don’t use all that often (or actualy notice notifications)

I just upgraded the FW , it didnt work. for about an hour, and now it seems to be working. Perhaps a FW update?

I started from scratch and tried to pinpoint what is causing the issue. I moved everything away from Smart Lighting and created automations instead. Basically, I am trying to turn on notifications when my garage door is open. I tried setting it up with other doors and everything was working correctly. As soon as I added the garage door, this issue started again. The odd thing is that the issue only occurs on one garage door. Notifications work fine on my other one. I am currently trying another method to see if that might fix the issue.

I have been holding on to Smartthings for way to long. I might have to bite the bullet and move over to Hubitat or Home Assistant.

I made the jump to HA this year and I don’t regret it one bit. zwavejs2mqtt is the way to go.

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Notifications have only worked for me for about a week after setting them up. After that the child devices just stop working all together.

I’ve deleted them and re-created. and they’ll work once or twice and then stop again. I just gave up on them a while back.

I think there is an issue with firmware 1.61. At least in my tests, it appears like the notifications are being overwritten if another event is sent to the switch. I set the notification to turn on when a door is opened. When I did that alone, the notifications worked properly. I then added an automation that turns on a light when the door is opened. This event caused the notification to stop showing up on the switch. The Smartthings app still shows that the notification is on.

I decided to roll back the firmware to 1.57. My Initial tests appear to be working properly, however I need to do some more testing.

1.57 does not work properly either.

The automation to turn on the light that you added, does it happen to be to the switch that had the notification on it?

Yes, the automation to turn on the light and notification is on the same switch.

This almost sounds like a race condition to me. The light on command forces the switch to perform the automation of the light bar coming on and somehow loses the led bar notification, maybe because the process is busy doing the light on. Are your lights set to slowly turn on or instant on? You mentioned the other switch is working, any chance the automation can be created for that switch, same door open same notification but sent there?

How long is your notification?