Wiring help, Inovelli Black Dimmer to 3 Way

Hello everyone, my wife is frustrated the power to the lights have been off for the last 3 weeks LOL I cannot figure out wiring to the neutral and cannot figure out my Aux switch.

Here is what’s going on

I have a 5 gang box I want to replace two, 3 way switches. The brand I am replacing is 3 way dimmer - Lightolier OSR3 (dummy) Lightolier OS600 (Main switch), I am working with a Black Series Inovelli Dimmer and a GE Enbrighten Add on switch.

In the main box, It is a 5 gang box please don’t get confused the 5th switch is not pictured :slight_smile: the two switches to the left i want to replace The main box is pictured first

What is pictured is the face place off, and the switches removed from the two OS600’s (main switches not dummy)

So the two switches I want to replace are two on the left I successfully hooked up a black inovelli switch on both switches they power fine. What I have not figured out is do I have a neutral wire? I believe the white wire is neutral, each bundle of wires you can see from the top comes with a Line black, Load (has the white plastic on it (one has the word SIT on it), Traveller, A green wire (ground) and a white wire, the whites from each bundle of wires, are all capped together. The greens are all wired together and capped with a interesting cap with a copper wire that then grounds each light switch.

Can i unravel this white wire and plug it into neutral?

Next question, the dummy boxes I want to replace are OS3’s (lightolier) pictured poorly I agree, Im sorry

3 wires go into lightolier, a Grey wire on top (seems like a neutral), a black wire (load) yellow wire (traveller). The GE Enbrighten has a Ground traveller and neutral. Does this mean the grey goes to ground… yellow to traveller and where does black go?