Wiring question for red dimmer

I am very new to the 3-way switch wiring. I am interested in the red dimmer switch but I am not sure it is usable in my situation. Currently, I have a living light that is controlled by 3-way switches (both are dimmer). I read the instruction and am not sure whether I can switch one of these dumb dimmer switch to a red dimmer switch because the instruction says I can only replace a on/off dumb switch with red dimmer switch. Do I have to get red on/off switch instead? Thank you in advance.

  1. We will have to understand how you 3-Ways are wired.

  2. I’ve never seen a set of 3-Way controls with a dimmer at both positions, so I’m not sure how that would work.

  3. Given the wiring conditions will support it, there is no reason you cannot use a Red Dimmer, but in the following configurations:
    Note: Both your current dimmers will be replaced.

3a) One Red Dimmer and one dumb 3-way. This will give you on/off at the dumb switch and on/off Dim at the Red Dimmer

3b) One Red Dimmer and one AUX switch. This will give you full on/off and dim at both locations.

Next step would be to turn off the breaker(s). DO NOT UNWIRE your current dimmers but pull them out and take photos of what can be seen in the box and the back of the dimmer showing the wiring.
Put the dimmers back and post the photos.