Yellow LED Bar and Unreliable Actions

So this is a new one. Woke up this morning and two of my dimmers (LZW31-SN) that share a wall box but not a circuit had their LED bars turn yellow instead of the default blue. Haven’t messed with any of the LED color settings. Button presses on them did nothing. No idea what changed, they were working last night when I went to bed. Other switches of the same model in the home and other SmartThings are working.

One switch is on a one-way circuit and the other one is on a three-way with another LZW31-SN that handles the load to the fixture (that one is still blue LED). Both switches whose LED bars turned yellow had their local and remote controls disabled and their maximum levels tuned down (the load-bearing one also has its relay disabled). They both are on circuits that have only Philips Hue bulbs on them.

I power cycled the switches and they rebooted but returned to yellow LED. They now work unreliably, sometimes the button presses trigger the lighting SmartApps I have associated to the button presses, but sometimes not. Also I am no longer able to on/off any of the three switches on the two circuits via SmartThings (“A network or server error occurred. Try again later.”). Power cycled the SmartThings hub, no effect. Held down the config button for 5+ seconds to check the Z-Wave connection, but it didn’t work, no effect.

Kinda at a loss for how to proceed here and couldn’t find a color-code guide to LED bar errors.

Ended up having to do Z-Wave exclusions on all 3 and re-add them.

@Eric_Inovelli This sounds very similar to what I’ve go going on.

One of your switches in a box with two others–and it flips out when the other switches are used.

Did you figure this out? I’m getting the same yellow indicator on some of my switches.

I’m also seeing that it’s registering things that I’m not doing. Like the button 6 and 8 which noone even touched the switch.

[2021-02-23 4:38:22.000 PM EST
DEVICE button pushed Kitchen Desk Light button 6 was pushed
[2021-02-23 4:38:21.000 PM EST
DEVICE button pushed Kitchen Desk Light button 8 was pushed
[2021-02-23 4:37:42.000 PM EST
DEVICE power 36 Kitchen Desk Light power is 36 W
[2021-02-23 4:37:39.000 PM EST
DEVICE switch on Kitchen Desk Light switch is on (turned on via google home)

No, not really. I relocated it due to the issues and it had no problems.

I assume it’s not well shielded from EMF issues.