Z-Wave 800 Series 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project Phoenix

Yea. I was referring the current 500 series RD. Oh well. Still nice to hear it will be in the new one.

No, it does it all the time unless you send a transition time with the level command via Zwave.

Can do via automation call with ramp time, not expected in firmware.

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I know this is an older post but, FWIW, as someone who is an existing customer and sitting on the website going back on fourth on whether or not to click purchase on a ten pack I have to say this post just clearly made my decision for me. Clicked, bought, purchased, waiting… As someone who has to have supply chain and lead time conversations daily with customers and prospects I’ve gotten pretty good at it but can take some great lessons from this post. This is one of the most direct and honest messages (even if it is frustrating) I’ve seen in a long time and is a company I want to do business with.


Thanks so much, that really means a lot! It’s a constant internal battle I face because I hate delivering bad news bc I feel like I’m letting everyone down, but I think the catch 22 is that I’d be letting people down more by keeping them in the dark, so I push through it (most times lol).


Project Update: Still on track for delivery to HQ on the 29th. I haven’t heard anything else other than they had to redirect the shipment to a different port but it’s been delivered and processed. The website still shows the 29th so fingers crossed!


Any info on the exact depth of this switch?

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@Eric_Inovelli Did these new Red 2-1 switches get the combo screws (accept square drive) or are they still phillips only?


Thank you.
So thinner than the original Red Series by about 1/8", but I’m guessing it won’t fit in a plastic surface mount under cabinet switch box…
Does anyone have one of these new Inovelli Red Zwave 800 and a Jasco UltraPro to compare depth? The published UltraPro dimension is 1.37" but in reality it is less than 1.125". If this is the same or less, I could make it work…

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The question to me still is -----

Will there actually be any stock after this batch comes in, or will they be sold out immediately for 6+ months?

I only ordered 1 to try out/evaluate. May be SOL if I want more I guess.

the picture showed an actual tape measure next to the switch, so you have an exact measurement. looks to me to be 1 3/16" roughly, so about 1.1875.

based on their interactions with me when i asked the same question earlier in this thread, they anticipate having enough stock to not run out for a while. we’ll see if that ends up being true or not. i’ve been waiting to see if it is or not before i make a final decision (i’m fine with paying a little extra over the pre-order price to see if they actually have enough stock to go around this time).

either way, i’m still trying to wrap my head around spending more than double the cost of a zooz switch for just one of these…the featureset is second to none, but i just don’t know if i can justify double the cost of a basic zooz 800 series to basically just add power monitoring and a larger LED. i’m trying to get there, but i haven’t gotten myself all the way there yet.

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Update: ETA is now July 3rd, but the good news is they’ve cleared customs and are on a truck so it could be sooner. They are coming from Los Angeles to Southwest Michigan. Looks like Courtney and I will be working some OT during the holiday!

Great question – I believe they got the new version, but it may be a mixed batch as they still had some of the old screws left over and wanted to get through them.

Let me try to find the official answer in my Team’s chat with the manufacturer. I know at least some of them do though.

Edit: Confirmed it will be a mixed batch for this first run. Moving forward they will all be Robertson’s screws.

Redacted the B2B client’s name

Yes, we should still have enough to last until Q4 – although I say that and you guys go nuts with orders lol. My assumption is based on current sales velocities + adding an extra 25% boost. Our pre-orders have been surprisingly steady, but it’s also hard to guestimate forecasts because we haven’t been in stock for a while.

The good news is that we have to set funds aside for the Red Series because it’s a B2B requirement of the contract. So, I don’t anticipate us running out of the Red Series. The Blue Series is what I worry about, but we just ordered enough to last us until the end of Q4 as well. Should be here at the beginning of August.


Just got the shipment notification! Exciting stuff!


Just want to put this out there because this happens every time (I know you guys are pumped, me too!)

We will be solely dedicated to shipping these out next week. Myself, Courtney and Alex will be packing and shipping.

Courtney prints the labels early so we can get started as soon as the truck gets here, so you may see your label sitting in the, “Not picked up by USPS” yet status for a few days.

It really slows things down if everyone writes into customer service or turns this thread into asking for an ETA on their shipment, so if possible, can you give us until the end of next week before mass panic?

We should be able to get through everything. I plan on coming in over the 4th to make sure this stuff gets out.

I will update everyone on Monday as to the status! Very excited :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric,
Probably a lower priority (but not for my wife)…
I think the colored paddles are in this shipment too…
Switches are likely a bigger deal to get out the door, but I’d be in trouble if I didn’t ask…



Lol, yeah they are in this shipment. Double-checked the clearance documents and they are listed, so that’s good news!


Courtney has confirmed previously that the paddles are in this shipment, so I expect we should get them pretty soon (I have a couple coming myself).

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Any chance you’re sending a shipment to Aartech Canada to fulfill the Canadian orders next week?

I’m looking forward to getting my first Inovelli switches :slight_smile:

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