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How about the ability to associate with the Fan/Light switch? I’ve got a few blank wall plates where 3-way switches would be after installing fan/light switches and would love to be able to put a switch back in there.

OOOOH and an mmWave sensor in this one too! LOL

I didn’t set up Z wave associations with the two switches. I just made both switches the same “button device” on the button controller in Hubitat, and made the settings for notifications mimic a regular switch on both. They are two Red Z-wave switches controlling 10 Zigbee bulbs. I had one of the Red dimmers on there with a regular switch, but setting scenes with just the on/off Red switches I find far less troublesome; I typically want the same lighting for a particular task, and I don’t have to fiddle trying to get the dim level just right. Plus, now I don’t have to have all the lights on or at the same light level, motion in one area of the basement turns on just two lights, 4 other lights completely off for watching projector vs dimming all 10. I do notice a small delay ( up to half a second ) with the non load switch, but it’s inconsistent, and sometimes I’ll notice one or two of the 10 bulbs finish setting the scene a hair later than the rest, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

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Some bulbs behave different ramping up and down. I set my minimum levels by testing the level they reliably start at, rather than the level that they dim down to reliably (these can vary substantially in my experience).

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Pretty much table stakes at this point, fellas

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Love the back and forth, this is why I love the community!

I’ll respond more later, but wanted to capture this thought before I forget.

We need to look into adding more than 5 as the limit for Z-Wave Associations.

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I good scene controller / 5 button would pair well here too.

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You know, it’s odd… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a device that supports more or fewer than 5. It’s always 5.

Hooray! I’ve been waiting for these forever. @Eric_Inovelli if you need beta testers for Zwave, always happy to help!

Can I pre-order a 10 pack now? :joy:

Now that you’ve announced it, SILabs going to announce the 900 series chips.


A version that is ceiling fan/bathroom exhaust fan compatible (non-dimmable of course) in a single gang paddle version. Basically upgraded version of LZW30-SN as I have one that the relay seems to be getting a little flakey (trips out when turning on sometimes).


A request that I don’t believe is possible on the existing Red dimmers:

The ability to define zwave associations on either single tap or double tap (might as well allow all the taps if possible?).

Use cases are for when you want the single tap to simply control the light it’s “supposed to”, while the double tap does something “extra”/different. E.g. my deck light had a zwave switch on it. I’d love to be able to single tap to turn on/off/dim that deck light, but with a double tap associated to the zwave relay controlling landscape/pergola lights. I can do this via my hub today, of course, but I’m trying to remove that dependency from as many lights as possible.

Note that GE zwave dimmers behave this way by default: I don’t think you can even associate on single tap with them: double tap only. Unsure what the zwave spec has to say about this or if it’s even possible to allow the option, but throwing it out there.


Red series should already be doing this. You could try adjusting the ramp rate and the button delay settings to make it a little faster. Also, LEDs have a minimum level that they turn on at that is different than the minimum level they will dim down to. That is something to keep in mind. When you adjust the minimum level when the bulb is already on, it will be different than the minimum level when the bulb turns on from 0.

All of this stuff is already in the technical document. You see, I keep track of all the requests I see throughout the community. :wink:


Absolutely love this idea!! I can think of a lot of use-cases where this would be useful.

I’m really looking forward to Z-Wave LR! I have a few switches that could use it.

For features, I would love to see a few more LED effects, including LEDs starting at top and going to bottom and the reverse (Matrix and reverse matrix effect…). A random on/off would be nice too, though that likely works with individual LED control…

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I think I having similar issue with one my ceiling fan, well the intergrated led and not the fan motor. But this would be great.

In my experience, this happens if it is controlling LEDs. If you have no ramp rate, and tell the LED to go straight to 5%, it will take a few seconds to turn on, too. I think LED’s take some time to turn on if the voltage is really low. So, it probably isn’t the switch that is causing the issue.

Thanks @DragonKing and @EricM_Inovelli. Turns out my LEDs had a very high minimum dim level. Once I adjusted for that my extra lag disappeared.


I’m super excited for this!

I’ve got a bathroom remodel coming up, and the three LZW31-SN dimmers I have on a shelf aren’t going to be enough to smarten the new switches. I’ve been debating whether to get blue switches, which would be my first zigbee device, or wait for zwave. Given this timeline (plus the usual fudge factors), I might just get one or two blue ones, and order more on zwave once it comes out.

All my ideas have been covered already, and apparently already included in the documentation. It’s quite impressive what a small number of competent, motivated people can accomplish. Well done, Eric and Eric!

Yeah definitely – I think we have a Github issue open asking for new animations that @chack created. I’ll send the link to you in Teams!

I’m honestly in the same boat believe it or not. I’m finally in the position to get back in a house (in a rental right now) and am looking to buy one in 1-2 months. Debating on what to outfit it with. I love Z-Wave, but man Zigbee binding to the Philips Hue bulbs are insane. If we can somehow pull that off with Z-Wave, that will likely be the deciding factor.

The Long Range is also intriguing depending on the type of property we end up with.

I think about this a lot actually – I used to work at a Fortune 500 that had like 30 people on a single project and it would take years to create. Too much time wasted on focus groups, risk analysis, approval from all layers of management, etc.

But I definitely have to give credit where it’s due and that’s to this community. While Eric and I have some great ideas, some of the best have come from the community – not only that, but the way the community improves on these ideas is truly amazing.

It’s one of the biggest challenges I have when talking to potential investors – they truly do not understand the value of a community and simply look at the numbers. Then 9-12 months down the road they will say something like, “how in the world are you pulling off these pre-order numbers?” – sir, I told you not to underestimate the community lol.


What do you mean by “somehow pull that off with z-wave”? Get a z-wave switch to send commands directly to a zigbee bulb? The only way that could work would be to have both a zigbee AND z-wave chipset in the same switch. Which, come to think of it, isn’t necessarily completely insane, although it would certainly increase the unit price. It would allow you to have a single SKU for both, which would certainly simplify the logistics.

I came here to write that this was impossible, but now that I put it in words, I wonder if it might actually work.