Z Wave association only turns bulb off

I am trying to set up Z-Wave association with one LZW31-SN dimmer switch and two LZW42 bulbs.

The switch is non-neutral and switches an overhead light fixture which contains dimmable (non-smart) bulbs. The LZW42 bulbs are installed in lamps located in the room. I am using a SmartThings v3 hub.

I would like to be able to press up/down on the switch to turn on/off overhead light and simultaneously send a z-wave message to turn on/off the bulbs.

I have created a group 2 association using the smartapp. It works when I press down to turn everything off. However, when I press up, only the overhead light (switch load) turns on. The bulbs remain off.

I found that if I set the switch’s “disable local control” option to “yes”, I can control the bulbs using the association as expected. However, in that case, I can no longer manually control the overhead light using the switch.

I’ve tinkered with this for awhile and I’m stumped. Any thoughts?

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I have a similar set up except my LZW31-SN is connected to neutral and i’m on hubitat. I’m experiencing the same scenario. I have tried the z-wave association tool for group 3, group 2 & 4, and get the same outcome. I can hold up on the dimmer and it will ramp up the LZW42 bulbs, but pressing up will not turn the bulbs on. If I turn the bulbs on individually, they will turn off when pressing down.

My desired outcome:
LW31-SN is associated to 2x LZW42 bulbs and when I press up on the dimmer it ramps up the overhead light that is wired to the dimmer and it ramps up the 2x bulbs in unison. When I press down on the dimmer it ramps down the overhead light and the 2x bulbs in unison.

Any suggestions or logs that I can provide to help?

Appreciate any help!

Don’t want to be spam, but wanted to bump back to the top to see if anyone had any ideas on this setup.