Z-Wave Association Tool 404 Error

Hubitat Elevation:, Rev C-5
Z-Wave Association Tool, undated, pulled from GitHub on 2020-05-09
Z-Wave Association, dated 2020-04-16


I just moved my old NZW97 2-Channel Outdoor Plug from SmartThings over to Hubitat. I am using the latest Device Code for the plug and I can control the Master but not the two channels.
I then saved the Z-Wave Association Tool (“ZWAT”) from GitHub as an Apps Code.
Next, when I attempt to save the Z-Wave Association (“ZWA”) apps code I receive the following error: “Metadata Error: Parent App ‘erocm123:Z-Wave Association Tool’ not found on line 24”.
I changed the parent variable to reflect the namespace variable as listed in the ZWAT (erocm123/Z-WaveAT) and was able to save Z-Wave Association.

However, when I load the ZWAT and click on Create New Association I get a 404 Error: “The Page requested could not be found”.
I changed the namespace variable in ZWA to erocm123/Z-WaveAT but that made no difference. I still get the 404.



Hi @greph, are you using the driver and app from the InovelliUSA github? Also, make sure you install the child device drivers to get control of the two channels for the NZW97. After you install the child driver you will probably have to go into the NZW97 and click on “Save Preferences” for the child devices to be created.

Thank you for the reply. I did pull the drivers/apps from the InovelliUSA/Hubitat GitHub repositories. I downloaded them again tonight and overwrote the apps in following the order:

  1. Z-Wave Association Tool
  2. Z-Wave Association
    I then installed the Device Code:
  3. Switch Child Device

I executed Save Preferences in the NZW97 Device and now see both Child Devices (CH1 and CH2) in the Component Devices section!

I also tested the Z-Wave Association Tool and it comes up just as it should. I have no idea what I was doing wrong over the weekend but everything looks perfect now.

Thanks for porting the apps and drivers to Hubitat. w00t!

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