Z-wave association tool issue

So I have a 3way issue using the new Red Series dimmers. My load and line wires are in different locations so I was able to wire it to get the line at the same location as the load. I followed the instructions for setting up the z-wave association tool but cannot get it to work. I disabled the internal relay on the destination switch (by pressing the config button 8 times), I even tried it with the internal relay on. I set up both groups 2 and 4 making sure the I used the same source and destination devices. It won’t work. I turn the source off and on, the destination does nothing, and vice versa, I turn on the destination and nothing at all happens. I even set parameter 22 to 2 on the destination because I read somewhere that you are supposed to change that too. Nothing!

I can’t wait to get to my 4way switches…I wonder if I can even use 3 Red Series dimmers for that configuration?

Just for clarity here…
You’re using 2 red series switches
Switch 1 has line, load and neutral hooked up
Switch 2 has line and neutral only hooked up, nothing hooked up to load
You’re trying to connect them using z-wave association

Do I have that right?
Switch #1 (with line and load hooked up) when you turn it on, does the light turn on?
Switch #2 (without load), when you turn this one on do you see the switch functioning (LED changes, relay clicks, etc…)

Yes, you are correct on all your assumptions!

OK, I reread your message and reread the instructions. I made a few changes and was able to get it running!!! Interesting part that I didn’t see anywhere is on Switch #2 (without load) I had to tie the 2 original black wires (line and load) together to complete the circuit. Once I did that, rebooted everything again and turned off the input relay for switch #2 it started working!!!

That’s because in switch #2 1 of those black wires is the true load wire and the other was a traveler wire on your dumb 3 way circuit. Tying those together essentially makes it 1 wire from the load on switch #1 to the light.

Glad you got it figured out.

HI! So I have another weird issue I posted here…Association Tool oddities ideas?