Z-wave "on" turns switch off, but LED bar stays on

I only have one switch with this behavior: when this switch is turned on, and it receives a z-wave “on” command (Google home through smart things), it turns off. The switch circuit however believes it is still on; LED bar stays on, and I have to turn it off before I can turn it on again.

When it’s turned on, it appears to report state correctly over z-wave. I thought maybe it was an issue with the Google home - smartthings integration and reporting, but no other switch shows this behavior…

Gen 2 black series dimmer
5 pod light LED load
Neutral connected
3-way with dumb switch

Anyone any ideas? Thanks!

In the smartthings api, click devices and select this switch. What does the “networkSecurityLevel” value say? I had some weird communication issues when the security failed on pairing.


Interestingly the other switch that has the random power off issue states ZWAVE_S2_FAILED

That is interesting. I found that I had issues when it stated “failed”. I couldn’t get associations to work and had issues with reporting. I’m not sure what the correct status is there but it seems ZWAVE_S0_DOWNGRADE is happier. It doesn’t seem like that will help either of your issues though.