Z wave parameter for dimmer speed NZW39 v1.0d

Is there a table of available z wave parameter to adjust the function of this device?

Specifically I would like to reduce the time it takes from going on to current dim level.



Hey @devanb,

Great question! I’ll dig up the actual parameter numbers in a bit, but unfortunately with the Dimmer plug, we didn’t put this feature on it.

We got the suggestion to do this for our old light switches but never got a chance to implement it on the plugs as our relationship with the prior manufacturer deteriorated before we could.

When we come out with a dimmer module, I’ll be sure to add this function and I’ll send you one on me, I promise (although, I’m not sure when we’ll come out with this at this time - likely mid-2020).

Wish I had better news here as well as access to the source code of the original firmware :confused: