Zigbee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series)

I’d be curious on how it will look (the blue background) with a cover plate installed. If it just looks dark (shadow) between the switch and plate, I’d be down for a blue body.

But would prefer this:

Fun fact: This is @Eric_Inovelli hand modeling as a side job trying to fund the new switches.


Nailpolish. Pick any colour you like, put a dot on the Zigbee ones before you install them. It will never come off.

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Bro, I thought that was our secret!

Only if Eric tosses in a bottle from his hand modeling job from above!

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I would leave black. It can already be differentiated by the lack of heat syncs. Nice work!


There was a topic a while back discussing the smoothness of the dimming function of Red Series dimmers (Smooth dimming on red series)…has any of that been worked on or considered with this new Blue Series? Can we expect any improvement in the dimming performance?


That’s a good point!

Great reminder – I did share a video with the team a while back, but I will make sure to get an update.

@Darwyn_Inovelli – can you remind Steven and the firmware engineer about this? Here’s our conversation from March:

We can talk about it during the call this week or when you’re back in the office.


Definitely, they have a constant attention on this action item and I will let you know their status in our call this week.


I vote to make the Blue series Blue
(my preference would be a dark blue and not a baby blue or powder blue)

I currently have a mix of Black and Red series and I often wish the Red ones were actually Red to easily spot which is which after its been installed in the wallbox.


Unfortunately that is not reliable as some people might remove the heat sinks to make more room in the gangbox. I avoid it, but there is one location where I had to do it for one switch.

Is there a picture of where the pin headers or pads are to reflash the firmware?

i was curious - what are the implications of not having the heat sinks/tabs on the switch? can there still be more than one switch in the same box or no, or does that depend upon the lights being used?

The red switch doesn’t factor the heat sink tabs (even though it has them) into the specs, so I’m guessing they were omitted from the blue switch for the same reason. There shouldn’t be any reason you can’t put multiple switches in a multiple gang box. You’ll just be limited by the max rating of the switch.


The blue series dimmer and switch do not have heat sink tabs. Only the red series dimmer requires heat sink tabs.

Max Wattage: See below – maximum will vary based on bulb type and whether the heat sink tabs are removed or not

Heat Sink Tabs Not Removed: 400W Incandescent, 300W LED, 150W CFL

One (1) Side Heat Sink Tabs Removed: 300W Incandescent, 200W LED, 150W CFL

Two (2) Sides Heat Sink Tabs Removed: 200W Incandescent, 150W LED, 100W CFL

Nice, yeah it would be likely a royal blue similar to the box. Hopefully that doesn’t make you hate it lol!

This may be it – let me confirm with Darwyn.

image image

@Darwyn_Inovelli – can you add this to the list too? These were the last ones we discussed back on Sept 5th. Is it still accurate?

Great question – confirming what @Bry and @stu1811 mentioned – no implications. The heat sink design was an older design that allowed for heat to dissipate better based on older parts. With new technology, we were able to remove them and the heat will dissipate via the front metal portion (by utilizing a lower surface area). Good news is you’ll be able to use 300W LED whereas with the Red Series when both tabs were removed, it bumped it down to 150W LED.


thank you everyone for the quick replies and responses. i’m new to all this and appreciate the information!

sounds like as someone that utilizes Hue I should wait for the Blue Series switch to be released.

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No worries, happy to have you along for the ride! Hue was actually one of the first smart home products I bought and I wish I had some help when I first started bc I had no clue what products worked with what and ended up having to scratch everything bc my network was slow and buggy (although it could’ve been Wink).

oh i completely understand…

my home assistant install started as a “let’s see how this works and what it can do,” and in the best IT tradition it’s now become “production” - lol…:slight_smile:

we’re doing a major expansion of the hue ecosystem as part of a remodel and that’s what led me to inovelli in the first place - can’t wait to see the blue series!

Not gonna lie. Am getting a little excited about these switches!


Update: Just tested a bit on Amazon Echo Show 10 and it works flawlessly – I actually love it!

Sorry for the vertical recording – I couldn’t get the right angle horizontally.