Zigbee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series)

Thank you Eric, you are generous as always.

I suspect it’s just the distance (Switch is upstairs and smart things Hub is downstairs, I wish It could connect to Eero pro though which has multiple access points).
Over the weekend, I plan to try it downstairs closer to the hub to see if its the switch by any chance or was just the distance. Will update when I do.

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I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble with HASS. It was a fairly steep learning curve for me to get started with it, but it’s worked pretty well. One thing i wish it did (maybe it does?) is allow me to configure my switches in bulk. As it is, I have to go through each device one by one to set all the parameters. That gets tedious when you have a dozen switches. And I’ve had a few that got reset for whatever reason and it would be nice to be able to clone the config from another switch or edit the params of multiple switches at once. I know this isn’t a home assistant forum, but i figured i’d share my experience as well. I personally enjoy tinkering with my home automation setup. But if you don’t, have you tried the Lutron Caseta system? It seems more like a set it and forget it system.

Definitely. I’m actually running a couple Lutron hubs (a caseta pro and an RA2 select). I definitely like to tinker - but what I never wanted was to have to maintain.

What I mean, is when the mood hits me I actually enjoy cracking open nodeRed and writing automations in js (while I’m on the topic, yaml is another thing that always irked me about HA - I always hated the syntax). But what I want is that once I’m done messing with the system - I just want it to chug along for months on end without me needing to touch it if I don’t want to. But at the same time - I don’t want to have to ignore software updates to achieve that reliability.

That’s kind of the position of found myself in with home assistant. After having small point updates break things, I became weary of updating out of habit. But then at the same time, it’s makes me uneasy to leave software unpatched because I’m too busy to crack open the change log and ensure there are no breaking changes.

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Any chance the new notifications will make their way into a future firmware upgrade on the Red Dimmers?

Likely not – there’s not much we can do with the existing Red Series line as we’ve maxed out the memory on the chips :confused:

Project Update: Timeline changed a bit in that we’re looking at a definite March launch now hearing feedback from UL that they’re backed up due to COVID. Conservative estimate will be mid-end of March.

From a firmware side of things, we should be expecting Rd. 2 of firmware the week prior to Chinese New Year (end of Jan / beginning of Feb). They are working on a LoRa project for us that has tied up some of their resources, so once they get that product out, they can resume work on the ZigBee version.

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Is this a yet to be announced new product? :smiley:

Edit: Found my own answer

Perhaps some existing uncommonly used items could be sacrificed? Does anyone actually use the physical switch to program settings? Just a thought :slight_smile:

IRRC the earlier versions of the firmware allowed you to change all (or almost all) the parameters via config buttons. In order to gain space for some needed new features like Smart Bulb mode, they removed physical button config options for many of the uncommonly used items. They still kept the important ones so electrical contractors could get them working without pairing to a hub. This is things like Neutral/Non-Neutral, Single-pole/3-way, Min/Max levels, etc.

Well crap. Wasn’t aware previous efforts were already made on this front. Can’t think of anything else to lighten the existing load so to say. Really would love those extra notifications. Can’t justify adding any Zigbee devices to an all Zwave environment at this point as the performance would likely be poor with only a few devices. Will have to hold out for the 800 series Red switches in 20203 I suppose.

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I hope we don’t have to wait that long. I’ll be long :skull:

Clarification? Does this mean AUX switches wired to the dimmer will be capable of multitap scenes? (ie pressing 3X UP on the AUX switch is the same as pressing on the dimmer)

The Red series dimmers currently do not support this AFAIK.

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For the Blue Series, Yes

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Do you know if this is currently possible on the Red series dimmers?

@wogfun - No. it will not be a function on Red series.

Ha, yes, this current product I’m referencing is actually for a B2B customer that came to us to design this switch for them. We wanted to see how it would work out first before considering it for our own lineup. So, right now it’s still strictly for B2B, but it could potentially be released to the public. However, there’s not a lot of commercial hubs that speak LoRa right now, so I’m not sure what the market potential would be.

Yeah this is a good point. It may not seem like it based on feedback from this forum, but there are actually a lot of installers who use Alarm.com or Ring and there’s no way to change parameters, so we have to leave these features on there.

As @mamber mentioned, we did strip a lot of it out prior to make room for some of the other features and tweaks and we’re still left with a maxed out memory unfortunately.

Ha, yes, I think we’ve pretty much explored all options for the 500 Series. There’s still some enhancements we need to make like overriding the 80% throttle in a 3-Way setting that we’re trying to figure out right now, but as far as adding in more features, it’s going to be really hard to do.

The other kind of, “unspoken” problem is that the current manufacturer doesn’t have the bandwidth to continuously make these tweaks for us and every time we do, we have to pay them, so we have to go to them with a lot of enhancements at once to make it worth while.

20203 is a very long ways away lol

Yes, that is what we asked for with the Blue Series (multi-tap on the aux switch will be detected on the smart switch). Currently, this is not a feature on the Red Series nor will it unfortunately ever be until possibly the 800 Series as there isn’t enough room and the engineers who worked on the 500 Series said the hardware just doesn’t support it (we’re using a different manufacturer for this product than the Red Series product).

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Stories like this are exactly why I won’t jump to Home Assistant.

However, I’m using Hubitat and it has worked just fine for me. I’ve thought about using HASS with Hubitat as the Z-wave controller, integrated with it. I’ve read some positive results from that route. Did you do this or is your Hubitat completely isolated from HASS?

You could use zwavejsmqtt. I just use it as a HA integration and have been super happy (coming from OpenHAB) but if you’re still leery of that, you can just go through mqtt rather than directly integrating.

Have you considered releasing multiple different firmware versions? For example, firmware version A has the physical button for installer setup/etc., and firmware version B is configurable only using Z-Wave and has a few extra features?

I’m not even running HASS at all anymore. When the VM crashed, I just decided to bite the bullet and rebuild everything I was dependent on it for in Hubitat or HomeKit.

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Nice to see the progress on the zigbee switches. Did you guys ever figure out if there was something similar to zwave associations for zigbee? If there is and I can get instant response if my hue bulbs, would likely replace my zwave switches in smart bulb mode (the ones connected to smart bulbs) with these switches. Especially since I have red on - off switches connected to my smart bulb and the configurable delays for that has been delayed for a while and it’s not clear if it’s coming (Latest firmware for LZW30-SN? - #16 by EricM_Inovelli)

Also, I know @Eric_Inovelli said no luck so far with friends of hue but if eventually added to hue, does that, mean instant response (similar to how the hue dimmer remotes are)?