Zigbee equivalent to Z-Wave association behavior parameter

On my LZW31-SN Z-Wave dimmers, I have used parameter 12, Association Behavior, to tune the switches to do exactly what I want, allowing me to get maximum functionality out of their association capabilities, without creating e.g. infinite loops.

I’m struggling to find a similar parameter for my VZW31-SN Blue Series 2-1 switches. Does it exist? If so, where?

My specific use case is that I’ve had my Blue 2-1 set up with zigbee group binding to control a set of 4 Zigbee Juno wafer lights, and now I’ve got another dumb bulb I want to dim, but separately. I want the switch to send commands to the bound zigbee group in response to physical button presses, but not in response to zigbee commands sent to the switch itself.