ZigBee Fan Switch | Project Zephyr (Blue Series)

Project Update: Discussed with our manufacturer about the switch being a 7 speed switch but that would require another capacitor. Unfortunately because of this limit, the Fan Switch will be handle 3 speeds: low, medium, and high.

Matter - while its delay is disappointing our chip is still on schedule for a Q4 release, we are still moving ahead with Zigbee. Eric wrote about more on our strategy with Matter in the Project New Horizons thread.

TLDR: If you still want a Zigbee switch, you’re in the clear. If you want a Matter switch, you could hard-wire the update in or we suggest you wait until mid-2022 to purchase. The first production run of the Fan Switch will use the MG21 chipset which is not able to update OTA to Matter. We’ve been told that Zigbee switches will also be backwards compatible with any hub using Matter. We’ll share more details about upgrading to Matter and hard-wiring the update in once we have more details.

Okay something cool - we received the 3D rendering file for the switch. Check it out!


Project Update: Everything is still on track for a Q4 release. We discussed how we can expect these switches will update to Matter. However, due to design constraints of the switch, it may be difficult for users to access the port. We have asked the manufacturer to look for alternative solutions for the design and or a harness so that we could update the switch to Matter in-house for customers if need be.


Does it have to be a physical switch as opposed to just a firmware update?

Yeah, it has to be a physical switch :upside_down_face:

The current chip for the Fan Switch (MG21) isn’t capable of an OTA update to Matter. Originally, we were told otherwise but that’s changed. The MG24 chip is able to OTA update to Matter but the expected release for that is mid-2022 meaning we’d have to push the Fan Switch (and 2-in-1 Switch) back. It is likely that future batches of the Fan Switch will be shipped with the MG24 chip but that’s further down the road.

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Project Update: Nothing major this week as our contact is out of the office. We discussed a little about fan specifications in the US but otherwise the project is still on track.

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Project Update: Nothing too exciting this week. We talked about timelines and setting up more advanced testing for Hubitat. Finally, we should be receiving a few 3D printed samples in the coming weeks but other than that we are still on track!
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Project Update: Once again, we are still on track! However, this time around we ran into a small snag. Unfortunately the switch is having issues supporting an aux switch in a non-neutral setting. Due to current hardware limitations, we agreed to test the switch without power metering included. Hopefully by removing this the switch will seamlessly work in non-neutral setups with an aux. This isn’t out of the ordinary for us as our Dimmers & On/Offs don’t have metering in a non-neutral setting - still it’s a bummer to hear. We’re open to hearing others thoughts on this trade-off too.

Our samples came in! Technically this is the 2-1 Switch but the designs are pretty much the same. :sunglasses:



No more black faceplate or just the prototype?

Only for the prototype - the final product’s plates will match all our other switches


Oh please not the dimmer white plate.

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We’ll make sure to ship you personally the, “Inovelli white” switches – I know how much you love them :wink:


If that’s not great customer service, I don’t know what is.

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Project Update: Wish this week had better news but the production schedule for Fan Switch and the accompanying Zigbee switches have a 5 week delay. This is mainly due to our manufacturer having difficulty getting necessary parts and general supply chain issues (feels like that’s the neverending story of 2021). We’re aiming to have these released Q1 2022.

One thing that surprised us with our test samples is that they included a working Zigbee chip. In the past, previous samples did not include a working Z-Wave chip and were more for physical appearance. Now we’d test the responsiveness of clicks, how it looks in the wall with a plate, etc. so we’re pretty excited to start messing around with this one.


Curiously, how do the fan and dimmer switches actually differ electronically? I would think they would be very similar circuit designs other than the Fan switch being able to carry a larger load through more robust components.

The fan model can appropriately handle motor loads.

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Does this delay apply to the zigbee 2-in-1 on-off/dimmer switches too? Or the aux switches?


Yeah it does, sorry I haven’t updated the listing :frowning:

I wasn’t in the last meeting so I was holding off on putting it in the listing until I am able to fully confirm. However, I was anticipating it would be delayed a bit bc we haven’t gotten beta units yet and I’m assuming it will take at least a month to fully test and debug any issues.

I should know more next Thursday.

Project Update: Updated production timeline. We’re still expecting a Q1 2022 release and aiming to have samples for beta testers towards the end of January/early February but TBD :slight_smile: