ZigBee Fan Switch | Project Zephyr (Blue Series)

@Eric_Inovelli – Very excited to hear the news about the MG24’s. I’ve been waiting for you guys to get the dimmer switches to MG24. Assuming you get those to a high quality level this year, I will be likely be purchasing about a hundred of them. I’ve been waiting for the OTA update capability, since performing a plug-in update on a hundred switches would be intractable.

If I can be a guinea pig tester on an early beta version, I have the ability to test them extensively and provide good technical feedback, across a large multi-level house and with extensive automation support already in place. Let me know if I can be of service!

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How are things looking with these switches? Most of my major renovations at home are in the final stages now and I’d love to be able to start playing with these.


Any update on how the production run is going? These are the final piece in my puzzle of replacing Insteon so I can’t wait for them to ship!

Well, some disappointing news to be frank and it’s never fun to be the messenger here. The other day when we were submitting the final changes to the firmware, I asked the manufacturer what the status was on the ETL certification as their timeline said it should be finished by now and they replied that they had to resubmit it due to the change in chip (MG21 to MG24). I don’t buy that excuse, but at the end of the day, there’s not much we can do if they didn’t submit it. Needless to say, I’m very upset at them.

I asked for an updated timeline and was told the production schedule is July 26 through August 3.

Sucks because it’s not going to be released until the summer is basically over and fans may not be used as much.

On the positive side, the firmware is on its last revision and there were only a few things that needed to be added and changed. In addition, I guess pre-order pricing can stay for another couple months /s



Hi, sorry for the dumb question but can someone confirm the indigogo mmWave Smart Switch with Presence Sensing Radar is for the DC Fan Switch mentioned in this thread?

No, this switch is independent of the indigogo campaign. There was some mention of potentially introducing a mmWave version of the fan switch, but that would be a future thing depending on demand.

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Ok, thank you. I found the pre-order on the website: Smart Fan Switch (Ceiling & Exhaust) – Inovelli

I see in the initial product requirements that it should support DC Motor fans. Before I put in a pre-order for a 5 pack, can someone confirm the final product will support DC Motor fans?

It will only support DC fans by giving it full AC power. Then you’ll need to use the fans own remote or bond type device to control the fan. You will not be able to change speed from the switch (speed control via scenes are different).

Ah ok. It sounds like the scene control is only available via bond (or similar). I have Bond but my fan isn’t compatible because it’s 1400Mhz

I guess I’ll have to stick with the original remote.

Thanks all

Yea the switch only supports AC line voltage and 3 speeds.

I thought you could join the bond device to a hub (maybe newer versions only?). Then from there you could utilize scenes to trigger speed changes.

That sucks about the wait but it will be worth it to have everything switched out! (and it will give me time to figure out if I can afford more to change out the bathroom fan switches as well)

If it’s a “smart” fan, you can control it via scenes directly on your hub, without a bond.

It’s not a smart fan but that gives me an idea, can I make it smart? Some kind of device I could wire directly to the fan motor?

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It depends on how your fan is manufactured. If it has a removeable wireless module for the remote control (which most fans older than about 1-2 years old do) … there are a handful of options out there.

Sonoff Fan Controller
Hamton Bay

Another option is remove the remote control entirely and wire directly to the wall switch and use a smart fan controller like the Zephyr fan switch (if it’s an AC fan.) If the fan has a light and you want light control, this will only work if your fan is wired with a 2-gang setup for two switches. Fan controller for fan, light dimmer/switch for lights.

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Most of the smart controllers are for AC fans so you need to be very specific for DC fans. The Sonoff and Hampton Bay ones are for AC motors only. @jmreb prevviously asked about DC fan support so I can only assume he still wondering if he can modify his current DC fan with a new smart module.

Most DC fans have a few more wires connected than a typically RF canopy too.

You are correct!

The fan is brand new (came with the house) and doesn’t have a light kit but is DC. I tried to go the Bond route but the MHz the fan uses are not supported by Bond (2410, 2420, and 2425). Does anyone know of any Bond competitors I could check?

What is the make/model of the fan?

I’m not sure, but here’s the remote: https://fccid.io/R8Y7RC04-CF100001/User-Manual/Users-manual-pdf-2136537.pdf


I’m in process of moving over to the Blue Series switches from GE/Jasco in one of my homes, and knowing that the 2-1 should not be used with bathroom exhaust fans (I’m desperate to try though), I’m keeping a close eye on these fan switches becoming available. What I’m not seeing, or perhaps understanding, is how will the fan switch would be set up (configured) for exhaust fans vs. ceiling fans. Should I assume that there is something in settings/config that will allow me to configure that?

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