Zigbee / Matter Motion Switch | Project Linus (Blue Series)

Completion on March 25th? My birthday happens to be the 26th, any chance you’ll overnight me the first ones off the line? :slight_smile:

An overnight from China?! That’ll cost you $3,483.75! :grinning:


Don’t forget to update the product/pre-order page too! Currently still says expected in December 2023 with the caveat that it can change.

Also I would expect the link to go to this forum page, but it just goes to the same product page.

Can you share more info (videos) on this testing? I’m very curious to see how you are looking to potentially solve the ceiling fan issue for mmwave.

At this point, most people’s experience/exposure to mmwave motion sensors is Aqara or home-built ones which tend to have VERY advanced motion sensing software that is extremely configurable and can have detection zones, counting people in a room, etc.

I would suspect that might not be possible with a Zwave/Zigbee specced motion sensor, but are there going to be advanced configuration settings for motion sensing? What are the possibilities? Any cool advanced features you are trying to work into the drivers that would provide some of the Aqara functionality? Or, is this going to be an advanced motion/presense sensor that reports motion/presence in an on/off manner through Zigbee/Zwave specs?

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Hi Inovelli Team,
You had to know this one was going to come from me… :slight_smile:

Any chance we could launch the switches with colored paddles (personal bias/preference for black and gray) at the same time?

Thought it was worth reaching out and asking. I’m sure it’s on the radar (pun intended) somewhere…

Project Update I shared on Indiegogo:

Good evening everyone,

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad. As I alluded to last update, we’ve had to push back production due to us wanting to add in the lux sensor and in doing so, we had to revamp the PCB.

In addition to that delay, we have been vigorously testing a certain mmWave sensor, which based on their sales team, could do everything we wanted while also maintaining a small profile to fit inside the switch. Turns out, as we started testing for quality control and for other false positives, the sensor failed. This was surprising to us as this sensor has been praised all over the internet and is even used by a lot of people in the Home Assistant community (HiLink).

Upon talking with their sales team further, they admitted that they aren’t actually the manufacturer for this chip, but rather they get it from a different company and they have no control over the firmware. Not only that, but the sales specs listed aren’t true.

This was very disappointing and we had to go out and find an alternative.

This brings me to the good news.

Upon researching, we found another module that performed exeptionally and passed all our internal tests. Not only that, but the field of view is 150 degrees (as opposed to the 120 degrees we’ve been promising – which turned out to be one of the things the original company lied about – we were seeing 60 degrees tops).

That said, we’ve had to redesign the PCB again for the new module, but we’re just wrapping up Phase 1, which is the hardest and longest phase (the building and testing of the hardware).

We will be receiving our beta samples on December 15th which will give us a solid month or two to really test and finalize the product. Luckily, during this time, a lot of the certifications can be done in parallel.

Our latest estimate for production now is end of March.

I know this is dissapointing, but I do want to say, I truly believe this is a much better product than we originally promised, which I’m excited about.

Any questions, I’m happy to answer!


Founder | Inovelli


Nice, here’s to March Birthday’s (mine is the 5th and my daughter’s is the 9th). I’ll do my best!

Good catch, just changed it!

Let me check with the manufacturer – I know they keep things pretty tight knit on their procedures (so are we honestly) as there’s a lot of competitors that scope out our community and I’d hate to give them a solution to the same problems we’re facing.

@EricM_Inovelli – can you take this one?

Haha, yeah we can push for the color paddles. I opened up the option online for ya!

So, they just flat-out lied to y’all this whole time? SMH.

Thanks for testing and making sure the final product will be good! More than happy to wait a few more weeks/months to get quality!


With this new mmWave sensor is there a chance of having adjustable settings to it? Have a few situations that may actually cause some issues with motion.

  1. One of my bedrooms and hallway lights are facing each other at an angle. I think its going to trigger my bedroom motion since it has the 150 degree angle even though I am in the hallway.
  2. One switch is in the back of the room and faces towards the open space. I could see using this to keep the lights on, but if we are watching a movie in this room I wouldn’t want the lights to turn back on.

Both situations I could use some automations to fix with possible other sensors but I was thinking along the lines of the aqara fp 2 features. Could we set a trigger if the motion is approaching closer or if the motion is within x distance or if motion is only detected from the left side of the switch. Since I cant really control the direction, distance, or angle my switches face into a room it would be nice to have the flexibility in the software.


Are there any details regarding what kind of field-of-view the mmWave sensors will have? I don’t know a ton about the technology, and I’m trying to figure out if these will likely work for the various rooms in my home.

Expecting it will be 150°:

During your acceptance testing, please also make sure you understand how the switches interfere with each other. I imagine there are likely a number of customers with switches that face each other, or which are within the potential bounce range, even if they aren’t directly facing each other.

Interference will likely be one of:

  • Always detecting presence
  • Never detecting presence
  • Falsely detecting presence irregularly
  • Repeatedly falsely detecting presence at some interval of seconds to minutes to hours

Manufacturing tolerances may be sloppy enough to prevent this from typically happening, but if there’s a strobe frequency or delay adjustment on the part you ship, you may need to give us access to it.

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Quick update:

We spoke with the manufacturer yesterday and they are currently wrapping up the firmware and we’ll be receiving all the beta units in a couple of weeks so that we can finally start testing and answering some of these questions I’m seeing in the thread.

@PaulM – I’ve passed on this to the engineers and will hopefully get a response soon.


A little late for an “I wish” request but one thing that may be nice if the software can handle it in the future:

I’ve been using Everything Presence One’s lately and I love the millimeter wave presence handling that those have and look forward to these switches releasing. One problem I had was that I was never able to dial the sensitivity well enough to rely on the mmWave to turn on the lights. I would constantly get false motion detections (even through walls, or possibly just walking int he other room caused the wall to move slightly) and ended up utilizing the IR sensor for initial “someone entered the room” then the mmWave to confirm the person left the room.

Is it possible for the mmWave when reporting motion events to also report speed or amount of motion? Allowing us to say essentially “only consider it a new person if motion is over X amount”

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Would it be possible to replace the switch for a gas fireplace with one of these switches? I did some research online and some sources say it’s possible, while others say it’s not.

This would be ideal because it’s the only switch with a good view of the living room for room presence, and the ability to control the fireplace would be the cherry on top.

There is not a simple answer here. Do you know how your fireplace is controlled? If your fireplace is like one I used to have, there is a little box that controls valve and sparker that turn it on when plugged in to 120V, and shut it off when unplugged. In that case, it would work if you set the switch to “Switch Mode, Pure Sine Wave”, but would not be officially supported, it is rated for lighting only.
However, many fireplaces are plugged in to 120, and then take a separate signal from a low voltage wire, which is running through a switch on the wall that only has low voltage. This would not support the Linus switch at all. So you need to check if the wall switch has 120VAC in it or not.

Also, it is generally advised by people in home automation not to try and automate things like fireplaces because things going wrong with a gas line can go VERY wrong.

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That’s boring, but true. Set it up wrong, and you could burn down the house, or release a lot of carbon monoxide.
It was pretty cool party trick that at one point that I could say “Alexa, turn on the fireplace”. But then if you set it up wrong, you could say “Turn on the lights” and it would turn the fireplace on as well, since it is a light switch. Or Alexa could change their mind again about how all that worked, and it could do unexpected things. Which is why I dropped SmartThings, and moved to Home Assistant, and am going to move away from Alexa as well.

Thanks guys. I’ll be honest, while I like the idea of being able to turn on the fireplace with HA (I would not want any automations where I’m not directly controlling it or it could turn on accidentally), I too am I bit wary something could go wrong.

Since having mmWave presence detection is more important than remotely controlling the fireplace, I was thinking I could always enable remote protection to effectively turn it into a “dumb” switch. That might address the safety concerns while still allowing for the mmWave sensor to work? Of course, if that still seems too risky I might just need to get a different mmWave sensor for that room…

I think my fireplace works similarly. The box under the fireplace is plugged into an outlet, and I believe that outlet is hooked up to the switch. And it looks like the wall switch has 120VAC?


Thanks again for the advice! This community is awesome.

What you have would be totally possible to automate. That looks just like what I had. The question is one of safety. I can’t decide for you there.