Zigbee / Matter Motion Switch | Project Linus (Blue Series)

Its awesome to hear how often Linus is mentioning these recently. Although it is worriesome that Eric hasnt given any updates recently. I understand that they are really busy with everything just hoped this eould be higher priority.

Doesn’t look like there’s been much of an update here from Eric since December 7th, any updates on this project/timeline?

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@anon640257 This thread could use your assistance for an update

@Darwyn_Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli would love to know an update!

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Sorry guys, neck deep in some exciting legal work which has kept me occupied.

Quick update is that we received the wrong sensor type from the manufacturer before they left for Chinese New Year. The one they sent us didn’t have presence detection, which is literally the entire purpose of the switch lol. Honestly quite a disappointment.

They are supposed to be sending us two new samples I believe in early March so we can analyze between a 24Ghz and 60Ghz to see which gets us the best detection, while also being, “affordable”.

If we can’t get something in March, we are planning on looking at outside manufacturers as this is a priority project for us.

Serious question for you guys, would this be a good candidate for a Kickstarter? I think everyone knows my apprehensions to Kickstarters, but I think that given the true innovation of this product and being launched by an established brand, it would succeed.

Reason I’m seriously considering it is that I think if we had some pre-sales, the manufacturer would take this a little more serious and we’d also be able to solicit other manufacturers simultaneously.

I’m apprehensive of opening this up on our site because we already have two pre-orders up and it’s already a headache.


I for one would be all in on a kickstarter.


I would sign up for this as well

I would participate in a Kickstarter. I think this switch has the potential to be a game changer, so I will be more than happy to do anything to help ensure it comes out. :smile:

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I’m down for Kickstarter or preordering a bunch, whichever is easiest to manage.

I would prefer a pre-order myself - I want to buy a 10 pack of these - and I’ve been saving up points to help reduce the price - which I can’t use on a kickstarter. Plus, a pre-order shows up right on the inovelli website, along with tracking it’s fulfillment.

That said - There is no reason you can’t do both. Most people who already know/use Inovelli products would use a pre-order - but a kickstarter would drum up NEW business. You get money from both either way.

A kickstarter project should include the Zwave 800 series version as well. I’d be in for that.


I would go with pre-buys. As PreZ says it would help use points (maybe), as well as reduce overhead/margin that kickstarter takes.

Just my thoughts,


Pre-sale or kickstarter, I’m in! This is the device I’ve been most looking forward to for a few years, so whatever the route, I’m excited to support


I’m happy to preorder or kickstarter some. The problem is that I need 1-2 in hand to test before I could really commit to the 30+ that I would buy for my new house (need them in about 9 months). As Linus learned, test before bulk install.
I’d love some sort of tier that gave me access to 1-2 to beta test early, and then credit to spend on them, or another inovelli product, when they are ready. I might find the motion detection is too finicky to use in as many places as I would want, and then I revert my orders back to standard blue switches.

I think Kickstarters are viable… BUT, only if you have already built/tested a prototype and have confirmed that the concept is viable in practice.

I agree that motion switches are a potential game changer and should be high on your priority list, but mmWave hasn’t proven itself yet in this application and there are numerous hurdles to overcome that may prove to be too great. You DO NOT want a failed Kickstarter associated with your brand.

So, if it’s just a matter of getting pre-orders, funding manufacturing, and getting the project into production sooner… yes, go for it. However, I wouldn’t go there until you have proven that the technology/software is capable of doing what you expect it to.


I would definitely jump on board with a pre-order/ Kickstarter. I’m renovating my house room by room right now and planning switch placements somewhat based on the possibility of these switches.

I would happily do pre-order or kickstarter, whichever helps it go faster! As for the comments on ‘kickstarter vs inovelli points’… maybe Inovelli can find a way to link a kickstarter account/person to the rewards also?
Like some of the others I would probably do a smaller order for either until i could really test them out to see which places they would work best in.
Either way… I CAN’T WAIT!

Count me in for a pre-order or kickstarter too. I have a number of places I would like to use these (starting with bathrooms)


@Eric_Inovelli There’s some info in the first post that’s out of date, please consider updating that content as well when you make a decision about next steps in this project. I would also be interested in preordering, however that looks like.

I vote for a pre-order over kickstarter.