Zigbee / Matter Motion Switch | Project Linus (Blue Series)

How fast does the mmWave respond? Or will this still need paired with a separate PIR for fast responses to turn lights on?

Sorry if this is redundant, couldn’t find answer from searching the thread.

We’re more in the initial testing phase now so it’s hard to know for sure.

We are going to test without PIR first and hopefully the reaction time is quick enough. I know there are some sensors out there now that have latency which is not acceptable in our opinion.

We want the switch to be able to turn on immediately when you walk into the Field of View.


Man another switch I need. This will be great, especially if you can make presence detectors like your 4 in 1, but just for presence. I have cats and dogs that set off my motion detectors, would be great to have these in switches and standalone if possible, I would likely replace most of my motions detectors with these.

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I can’t see there being a huge market for standalone motion sensors that mount in place of a switch. I don’t picture many people wanting to give up control of their lights in order to mount a motion sensor, or cut holes in walls and run wires to a new box when there’s $10 PIR sensors that can be put in more ideal positions.

Some presence detectors have advanced features such as detecting motion from left to right, etc. or providing an idea of the area it can detect (simple map) in app. These advanced features would be fantastic.

Excited for this switch! Apologies if this has already been answered in the thread, but will the future Matter compatibly be over Thread or over wifi? If it’s thread, will they be routers or end devices? Thanks - @Eric_Inovelli

I’m not Eric, but I can get you some answers:

It would be thread since the radio on these is compatible with both Zigbee and Thread, not wifi. I believe it would be a router since it’s a device constantly connected to power.

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Reviewing the details on the potential switch, i hope i am not over stepping or changing to much for the worse:

Simply put, where a smart home

Where should be “we are”

We’ve sold over $7.5 million USD which equates to just over 145k units across the United States and Canada

This reads odd, i would assume you want to say "sold over 145k units, generating $7.5 million in revenue across the United States and Canada

You may be asking yourself, “what is a smart switch?” Great question

Need a period, comma or something after the quote and “great question”

In the Human Presence Detection section you mention the term PIR early on and describe what the term means later, update the term to include the words Passive Infrared (PIR)

There is a section about smart things and hubitat, but you mention home assistant earlier as a supported platform, maybe throw a small blurb about your compatability there as well in the OTHER HUB CONCEPTS section

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Am I the only one frequently refreshing the indigogo campaign, waiting for it to go live so I can back it? :slight_smile:


Be sure to watch the WAN show tonight – Linus may have the magic wand to make this live :wink:


mmWave Occupancy Smart Switch by Inovelli | Indiegogo is the live link. Already backed!

edit: Also in for beta :smiley:


Backed as well! In for Beta!

Almost thought he forgot about me – it’s midnight here lol :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting since an hour before the stream started for it to start, then for him to mention you. Midnight here too. Go East Coasters :wink:

Congrats on getting the launch, and the LTT bump.


Every time he said, “Oh, and I have an update”… I got anxious. He only did it like 400 times before giving one about his smart switch haha.


Backed! I kept on refreshing the preview page before figuring out that it was a different link

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Same… Congrats though! Can’t afford the 25 switches right now due to tech world imploding, so still hoping there will be a way to get into the beta.

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Same - would be a nice way to test the switches out within the community


Yeah for sure – I’ll have to see how many beta units we can get – we already have quite the team assembled from the community. Once we move further down the path, I’ll have a better idea of the number of samples we’ll get and where we’re at from a beta tester standpoint.

But we definitely are maintaining the community built and tested approach :slight_smile:


bam. In for 5. Lurking for the beta of course :slight_smile:

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