0 - 10V or PWM Control

Not sure what I’m suggesting there but I thought I’d post my thoughts and see what additions others can make.

More and more LED controller work best with a 0 - 10V input or PWM input. I currently have one in our master bath. This light was added (years) after the switch wiring was complete. The LED controller will work when dimmed from a high quality dimmer, but there is a delay starting, the low minimum light condition is limited as well as the Max light.

I know the NEC code frowns on having high voltage (120 vac) and low voltage (0 - 10) in the same box. However there may be a loophole I’m not aware of.

So I don’t know what practical device would fit this need nor how much of a market it will be. But I thought I would throw it out here as perhaps it might be the seed for a new device.

Could direct association from a Red dimmer (some newer firmware or ??) be made to associate to a device like the Fibaro RGBW dimmer? Might be a option.



I just replaced some drop ceiling lights with 0-10V dimmable LEDs. They’re connected to a Qubino 0-10V z-wave plus dimmer. Once my Red Series switches arrive, my plan is to associate the switch with the Qubino. We’ll see how well it works.


I’d be interested in how you make out. If you haven’t already you might reach out to Eric M .