2-1 and AUX 3-way with AUX at LINE and smart switch at load?

I have the following setup:

  • Box 1: One NM12-2 with LINE power and one NM12-3 to light fixture
  • Box 2: One NM12-3 to light fixture
  • Light fixture: The two NM12-3 from the two boxes meet and can be arbitrarily spliced

Having the smart switch in Box 1 and the AUX switch in Box 2 seems straight forward.

However, I would like the AUX switch in Box 1 and the smart switch in Box 2.

I did not find a circuit diagram matching this scenario and when I try to come with a wiring myself, I always end up needing FOUR conductors from light fixture to Box 2 (Line, Load, Neutral, Traveler).

Is there really no way to wire this properly?

You are correct that you can’t put the Inovelli in the far box in a neutral configuration because of the four conductor requirement. However, so long as you are using a Red or Black DIMMER or a Blue 2-1, you can put the Inovelli in the far box in a non-neutral configuration, if you can get to the light box to re-wire there.

In this configuration, your light load must be sufficient to operate the non-neutral configuration. You may need a bypass to assist.