2-1 Red Smart Bulb Mode No Neutral Smart Fan

I have two Modern Forms/WAC Smart Ceiling Fans. Unlike regular ceiling fans, they use a single hot/neutral connection to the controller receiver box.
So feeding it with continuous power via the Smart Bulb mode no neutral on a 2-1 Red seems like it would work.
I would then simply control the fan using the original fan remote.
My biggest goal is to have a light switch again on the wall that visitors to the cottage would be able to use.
Am I missing something about why the 2-1 Red is not rated for ceiling fans in this set up?

The 2-1’s are LIGHT switches. The FAN switch is just that. The 2-1’s are simply not designed or rated for motor loads. The proper switch for your application is the FAN switch, set to the on/off mode.

But in the Smart Bulb mode it isn’t acting as a light switch. It’s operating as a digital button sending a signal to SmartThings.
Spec sheet for the DC fan says the fan and light is only using 40w, not the old AC style power hungry ceiling fans.