2-1 Switch Shipping Discussion

Just got notification that my order shipped! :tada:

Eric did update that the CDN orders were still in the NJ Warehouse but would be shipped to Aartech to be distributed. He’d promised to post a tracking # with the bulk shipment once they were enroute.

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Thanks! So will this be happening after all the other orders are fulfilled? And then once shipped to Aartech we will have to wait for them to fulfill? Was so excited about getting my switches soon but seems like Christmas is my real hope :disappointed:


Probably means we don’t have to pay duty.


Just checked Aartech and their website is now showing up as in stock (it wasn’t yesterday). Not sure if it means the shipment has arrived but it’s positive none the less.

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Yup Eric confirmed this a while ago.

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Sweet! Thanks. I missed that.

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I saw this. Hopefully it means good news is coming our way soon!

I have a larger order and nothing has shipped. Apparently, if you order to many switches you get penalized. :rofl:

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I flew to NJ, stayed a week, and flew home and my switches haven’t even left a warehouse :sob::sob::sob::sob:


So everyone who has received shipping info but notice they have not had any movement yet, this is completely normal for batch fulfilling/shipping. Many warehouses will print a list a shipping labels along with the packing list so that once boxed they right away slap the label on the box, less chance of orders getting mixed up, then they are stacked on a pallet and await pickup, typically once a week with a special pickup just for that, they do not go out with the daily pickups due to the amount being picked up.

So if you got a notification your tracking number was created, it could be a day to a week before it gets picked up.

I know we all want our switches, some need it to finish construction, others to finish their home automation, others to replace switches they have, ect… But give it time, its ahead of original forecast of preorder batches coming in weeks to months apart, they got the whole preorder shipment all at once. Give that at lease another week before you get your pitchforks out and storm ZWP. I am sure Eric has given them an ear full along with many member emailing them about the crap they pulled.

Let just be grateful Inovelli team is who they are, other companies would have just threw their hands up and say nothing we can do, or worst case never deliver the product.

I have a pre order for something completely unrelated, but it is 2 years pas original expectation date, it has been one issue after another they have ran into. But they too are finally shipping, and they could only find 5 temp workers to come help fill the 10k+ pre orderes they have and then found out after some parts were not molded corectly and had to stop shipping again. once they get going again it will take them 4 months at current staff to fill the orders.

Now this is just my experience from working in different warehouses growing up over the year and dealing with warehouses and distributers with my current job. there are a lot of issues still out there due to global shortages and such.

Eric has already let us know that there is enough stock to fill all the preorders and extras for incidentals. From the looks of it ZWP is not randomly sending out orders, but rather on complexity, single switches and such first, then my guess would be the case lots, them mixed case and singles. Just a guess but I am like all of you. Waiting to wakeup and see a tracking number, and one that shows movment. It just takes time.

Well im off to bed. have a good nite yall.


+1, it’s easy to get spoiled by Amazon’s monster same-day logistics, but in the real world, creating a label and manifest to start tracking is pretty normal.

One detail I wanted to get clarification on–my original order number (19xxx) shows up as shipped, but the same order (37xxx) on Inovelli 3.0, still appears “unfulfilled.” I assume the fulfillment fields aren’t synced, but it can cause for a confusing situation for those who went through all the requested steps to create a new Inovelli account using the same email address used for the original order.

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So I just spoke to aartech. They have over 100 units in stock availible for order, pickup by tommorow.

How are they in stock for walk in sales but my pre order from April is still in the wrong country?



This is news to me. Now I’m even more upset. Let me get on the phone again.

My understanding of the matter was that they would get 100 units when the pre-orders we’re shipped to them. But if they got 100 units before pre-orders, now I’m going to lose it.


FYI : Just got email notification my order has been marked as shipped.

2x 10 packs from April 28, 2022

Note: Inovelli site shows unfulfilled still, and UPS label has been created and awaiting pickup. my guess is I should see movement next week and maybe by Friday next week might have them.

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April 25th order #182xx via Inovelli. 10 pack. Shipping label created. Status “unfufilled” on Inovelli site. :smiling_face:

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I think there is an issue w/the website and the fulfillment status. Orders that were made in BigCommerce (so like a month or two ago) were converted to Shopify, but for some reason they aren’t being marked as shipped in Shopify but rather BigCommerce.

I am about to jump out a window honestly.

Im sorry. I know how you feel it that helps, I have kinda been where you are being in charge a project to have thing keep going sideways, we will all get through this. I am just waiting patiently. And the status showing unfulfilled is minor, at least in my eyes. People just need to chill and wait just a bit longer, things are shipping and ups I am sure will be doing a pickup tomorrow night from them and may people come Monday will see movement and receiving them next week. We in the home stretchy. It been a hell of a ride with this blue series, but the constant flow of information from the Inovelli team has made the journey much easier (me me anyweays).

Still look forward to future switches as I need other on the roadmap. :slight_smile:


My order was made a little later (June 11th), 50 blues and 10 whites. Any expectations on when those might ship? Hopefully not until all the April ones, of course, but we’re about to start sheetrock, so I’d love to have them before hand!


It seems as if they’ve been doing about 100 or so orders per day, and right now there are about 400 orders left. So I would think within the next 4-5 days all orders should have a tracking number and should be prepped for UPS pickup.