2-1 Switch Shipping Discussion

Can we wait on thread closure until we are sure everyone has a shipped switch? Just think shipping delay/issues would be better here and not part of the troubleshooting/enhancement areas.

Sure, I can leave it open until EOD tomorrow. No prob!


Has anyone received tracking info for their pre-orders placed in April?


I have not.

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I have not either. Website still reads “unfulfilled” as well.

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I haven’t yet either

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Guys, I’m really sorry about the order in which the products have shipped. If I could do it over again, I’d have them come to us first and we take care of it. It made more sense to consolidate everything under one roof and test their fulfillment process capabilities.

I didn’t think they would ship out their own products before ours, which makes me pretty upset because I specifically said that people have been waiting since April for these and they should be shipped first.

I talked to them personally today and they said they’d be shipping them all day so I would anticipate everyone’s to be fulfilled today.


It is what it is at this point, but also means that this weekend is likely out for me to get any work done on testing/installs and their choice cost me additional delay. To be honest, this put them on my potential never buy from list. They made the choice and I am pretty sure they knew better.

I do appreciate the open and honest communication from everyone at Inovelli though. Things happen and the openness keeps me wanting to work more and more with you and your products!


Crossing my fingers I get a tracking number by EOD today. So.close. Thanks Inovelli for the continued transparency throughout the process.

Nope, order date of April 28th. I’m sure Eric and his team are all over this, so I’m not worried.


My thoughts exactly! ZWave Products had quite a bit of time to prepare for this day… hard to look at them in a positive light, given that they prioritized what was easy over getting the job done right. Inovelli, otoh, continues to impress with transparency and commitment to the customer.


Not only that, but it makes them look better by comparison to those who don’t know better. And when they get to the end of the (known sold out) stock, it will be an Inovelli direct order customer left holding the bag if there are any errors, problems, breakage, or miscounts.

That being said the Inovelli team has been fantastic so far so I’m hoping the rest of the orders make it out today (even if I get progressively more nervous as 5 PM on the east coast inches closer).

Thanks to all of the great Inovelli team members who have been working so hard on this?

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Hey that’s how it goes sometimes - don’t sweat it! Thanks for all you guys are doing

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I was wondering if I just couldn’t find the tracking number on the new website, good to know it’s not me :). I also preordered quite a while ago (early summer), so chalk up one more.

the question is… has ANYBODY received a tracking number yet?

like everybody else has said I thank you inovelli for the transparency and continued updates! you’re doing everything you can!

Waited this long another day in the grand scheme isn’t going to hurt anything. Business ethics aside, it could be a lot worse… UL certification and other things could have gone way south which is worse than some logistical things with distribution. At least you know where they are and are taking corrective action.

I ordered way later than April; almost to the finish line and logistics with the next major batch will be better, I can feel it!

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It’s funny (to me) to fret about a day or two after waiting months (I ordered in April). We’re in the home stretch everyone!


I received my ship notification and tracking info for some White Series switches I ordered a week ago. But no notice about the 10-pack of Blues yet.

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It’s a confidence-killer, not in Inovelli, but in the distributer. We all know “stuff happens.” The worry is that, as @exces6 said, they will run short for any number of potential reasons, and end up unable to ship to one or more of us who placed pre-orders early on (mine was placed Apr 21). It’s not the extra day or two, but the worry that it could balloon into an extra few months waiting for batch #2 to arrive from the manufacturer.


Before this thread gets closed, did you have a chance to check this? And similarly any update for Canadians on when to expect ship notifications?