2-1 Switch Shipping Discussion

the question is… has ANYBODY received a tracking number yet?

like everybody else has said I thank you inovelli for the transparency and continued updates! you’re doing everything you can!

Waited this long another day in the grand scheme isn’t going to hurt anything. Business ethics aside, it could be a lot worse… UL certification and other things could have gone way south which is worse than some logistical things with distribution. At least you know where they are and are taking corrective action.

I ordered way later than April; almost to the finish line and logistics with the next major batch will be better, I can feel it!

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It’s funny (to me) to fret about a day or two after waiting months (I ordered in April). We’re in the home stretch everyone!


I received my ship notification and tracking info for some White Series switches I ordered a week ago. But no notice about the 10-pack of Blues yet.

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It’s a confidence-killer, not in Inovelli, but in the distributer. We all know “stuff happens.” The worry is that, as @exces6 said, they will run short for any number of potential reasons, and end up unable to ship to one or more of us who placed pre-orders early on (mine was placed Apr 21). It’s not the extra day or two, but the worry that it could balloon into an extra few months waiting for batch #2 to arrive from the manufacturer.


Before this thread gets closed, did you have a chance to check this? And similarly any update for Canadians on when to expect ship notifications?


I hate to keep hyping this while it’s probably only a matter of (yet another) day or two, but did anyone get confirmation of an Inovelli site order going out today? It’s past close of business on the east coast (where the fulfillment center is) and doesn’t sound like anyone has gotten a shipping confirmation for Blues in this thread.

Here’s hoping for tomorrow so they can at least get moving a little bit before the weekend.


I did not.

I’ll make sure to check on everyone who’s commented here first thing in the morning and PM you separately.

I’m not sure if I told everyone, but there are about 5k orders that came through so I’m sure it’s taking some time.

I’d like to keep this thread more about the product if we can. If you guys would like to start a separate chain, I’m happy to comment there.

Kinda disheartening (I empathize with you all, I promise I’m just as pissed) to see so much positive momentum of this project go down the tubes at the end when I was going to close the thread. I understand, trust me, and I’m trying my best to get these guys in shape. They’re dealing with a separate fulfillment system (they had to log into ours and figure our system out which has caused some confusion and delays).


Not yet, but I will first thing in the morning, I promise.


I feel for everyone. I can be patient but I can’t say I’m not concerned that they’ll miss some of us along the way. I hope I get confirmation tomorrow.


Still waiting for confirmation. Order history still says “unfulfilled” as well. Maybe today is our lucky day?

Same here. Hoping today is the day.

on the same boat, June 29, 2022 order, unfulfilled as of 11am today.

same as of 12pm

@Eric_Inovelli do you have any stats from your inventory management system in terms of % orders filled?

Also think of this as still positive hype! Everyone is so anxious and excited to get them we just can’t wait!


I’ve received a tracking number for the 10-pack I ordered directly from ZWP.

I still haven’t received anything for the 3 other 10-packs I have ordered (order dates of April, May, and September.) or the Aux switches (September) I ordered directly from Inovelli.

Who is ZWP?

ZWaveProducts. They are the ones handling the shipping and had some product allotted to them for direct sales.

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ZWP = Z-Wave Products – it’s the actual name of the distributor handling the deliveries. Though I’ve never bothered to look at it, they also have an online storefront where consumers can buy stuff – they got a portion of the overall first Blue order to sell themselves that way, and (unfortunately) they are delivering those (i.e. their) orders first, not the Inovelli pre-orders.

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