2 way swith with blue series 2-1

So i have the red series. Switch that his hooked up to the gang box that has the load and the neutral. However i also have a blue 2-1 that i want to hook up to the other location that does not have a neutral but has the traveler, ground, load and line. Could I still use the blue series as an on-off at that location. So confused. Or do i need to purchase and auxilary?


So are you saying that you presently have a red series wired as a 3-way switch leg. I am presuming that if this is the case, the secondary location of this 3-way has a dumb switch? And you’re wondering if you can swap out the dumb switch for a blue?

If that is good so far, it also sounds as if this is a line and loaded and separate boxes. The load is in the secondary location with a dumb switch?

Good so far? So if that is the case, you need a Aux switch. It’s possible to have two smart switches as part of a 3-way, but they have to have the same wireless protocol. Unfortunately, two smart switches do not communicate via a wired connection like a smart switch and an aux switch does. Since you have a red in the primary location you would need a red in the secondary location, so that they are both Z-Wave. Unfortunately the blue series is Zigbee, so that is not going to work.

Ok I do have another red switch, how would that work then? Last time I recall connecting them both it didnt work. Would you be able to assist? Maybe i did something wrong. Like you you said the other side has line,load,ground and traveler.

So if you use two red switches, you have to link the two together using Z-Wave association. Whatever hub you’re using has to support that.

On wiring side, it is straightforward. The two switches do not communicate by a traveler conductor between them. Instead, you simply need to get a hot and a neutral to the other box so that swich can be powered up.

If you can draw out or point to an existing diagram that accurately depicts your configuration, I can tell you how to wire it. It sounds like you have a line and load in different boxes but I’d like to see the diagram to make sure that we are on the same page.

Z-wave association varies based on your hub. If you post back with which hub you’re using, someone here will be able to help you with the Z-Wave association part.

Im using HA, but from my understanding if i link them i wont be able to control it from the switch. My wife tends to want to press switches.

So my red switch has load, neutral, line, traveler , ground, this is already connected. The one that i need to connect a red or aux. That has all except a neutral in there. That basically my setup.

That’s the point of linking them. When you associate the two switches together, they will both control the load.

Using the three wire between the two switches, send a hot, neutral and ground to the dumb switch box. Presuming that you have Romex, use the black and white conductors. Cap off the red on both ends. Power up the new Red using the hot and neutral. Add the ground. No connections on the load or traveler terminal.

Im so confused so here is the side with the red switch and that has the neutral.

and here is the side without a neutral.

Also, you stated thats the point of linking them, does that mean I can still control them from the switch?


If you are confused, you might want to seek the help of a licensed electrician. I don’t know how else to explain it. You have to have an understanding of basic electrical concepts to do this safely. If you don’t, it’s dangerous.

I’ll be glad to explain to your electrician what you need, although TBH, he or she will just need to read what I’ve already posted.

Before you button things up, turn the breaker off and trim the back-stabbed conductors attached to the switches. There should NOT be any copper exposed (except the ground) outside of the switch, to prevent the possibility of arcing.

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All I’m asking is how to wire a neutral wire to another location that lacks one. I’m proficient at following instructions and don’t wish to hire an electrician for something I believe is straightforward. I’ve already run Romex to a ceiling fan and separated the light from the fan before this.

I was actually already trimming those wires while waiting for your reply. I just need a bit of guidance.

Now if its something that requires internal rewiring, Ill jjust get an aux switch then. Just didnt want to wastes the money when i have red switches everywhere.