2020 Product Roadmap

Give me a month or so – lots of things changing on the horizon :slight_smile:


Does Inovelli intend to make an in-house aux switch ever? With today’s issues on my 3-way bulb being powered off by accident and basically corrupting my system, I’m wondering if I should be patient or just buy the GE even though it will look HORRID.

Can’t afford the boxed dimmers :smiley:!

Getting that resume ready! :slight_smile:

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We do plan to, yes. However, likely not until either the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021 :confused:

No need, you’re hired!


Would so much rather an unpaired button controller than any sort of directly paired remote. Jasco’s new remotes are a disaster since they don’t report to the hub and cannot be used for any sort of automation. Configurable associations on top of standard button reporting is a plus, but ONLY if standard button reporting first works.


Aug 2020 4 button switch!


I am excited about a non-ugly motion dimmer/switch. As soon as they’re available for pre-order, i’d be down for at least 4. I don’t know why making something functional and aesthetic is hard.

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Also looking forward to solidifying my zigbee mesh with a few new switches around the house. I’ll be able to get rid of a few unslightly plugs

Are those zigbee switches going to be zigbee 3.0?

Yeah that’s the gameplan :slight_smile:

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Over in Hubitat-land they recently announced the upcoming new hub. It won’t support zigbee 3.0 to the disappointment of some. There was a question of what 3.0 would give that the disappointed are looking for.

When you say the plan is for 3.0 support in these, what value is 3.0 adding? Based on the Hubitat discussion I am guessing it is mostly future proofing at little to no incremental cost, but would love to know if it is more than that.

Definitely future proofing. Especially with Amazon, Apple, and Google forming up with the Zigbee Alliance.

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This is exactly why we’re going with 3.0 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the insight. The Hubitat management was basically saying not this hardware version for 3.0 since it doesn’t really add any functionality.

What’s the current status of this switch? :yum:

You really need to consider toggle switches as well. My whole house is toggles. It is rather expensive to convert all to pedals, and I really don’t want a mash up of styles (the WAF plays a role here too). A lot of my switches are three way, and in 4 and 5 switch gang boxes. I keep looking at them and the couple switches I have, and I have my doubts they that many of your switches can fit in those boxes.

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I also would like to vote for the toggles on the zigbee switches instead of the petals. I also would like to see no neutral as you have on the z-wave switches.

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Just curious: If you had a toggle switch instead of paddles, and you turned the lights on or off via zwave instead of from the switch itself, wouldn’t the toggle switch be in the wrong orientation (toggle may be in the up position even though the lights are off)?

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The zen23 auto centers like the paddle switches.

@Eric_Inovelli Can we get an update to the 2020 roadmap or a new 6 month forecast?